Dragons Demand needs players- partway through 1st level


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I'm currently running a Dragon's Demand game but the party's down to just 3 players and so could do with one or two more. They're definitely in need of a healer (have an Inquisitor, Bard and Wizard at the moment).

The party's still level 1 and are most of the way through their first dungeon, averaging a few posts a week.

If interested let me know - the gameplay thread is here:


Healer and a front-liner from the looks of it. I'm interested. I'll be sending a PM as well in case you aren't checking this thread.

Also, if you want to do a link, Text for the link will make one. You'll need to replace the space with the web address.

I'd be interested. Do you have a specific healer/frontliner class you'd prefer or should I throw something at the wall and see if it sticks?

Lol you have a bard and inquisitor and no healing?

Fortunately for them, I've been feeling the itch to play a healer, so I'll get something posted here shortly.

Any particular deity? I've been wanting to play a paladin, and I think it'd be cool if we could tie our characters together, assuming we both get picked.

I'm making a Kitsune Witch who will spend alot of time in foxshape, so I could pretend to be your familiar!

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Im interested could run a dwarven cleric or a Half Orc Paladin.

Oh, that does sound interesting. Can you cast while a fox? So maybe we're immigrants from Tian Xia, given your a Kitsune. Perhaps exiles cast to strange and foreign lands?

Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself. Just tend to have things spark ideas at times. Does any of that sound interesting to you?

Sure! I hadn't picked a nationality yet, so Tian works for me.

I'm mainly going to to be using Hexes while in fox shape, since they don't have components, but I will hop out to heal if necessary.

Liam, would you let me take natural spell? I know it has the pre-req of wild shape, but since I would like to be in fox form as much as possible, I'd like to use it.

Cool, after a little more thought, I think I'm going to go with Oracle instead. Would you be interested in playing a pair of siblings?

Also, are we using background skills or no? I found the original recruitment thread and couldn't find anything answering this.

As long as you're Kitsune (or I'm adopted) I don't mind doing the sibling thing

Actually was planning on Kitsune, which is why I decided to go Oracle instead. Now I just need to figure out what mystery to go with.

I have this one ready to go.

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Thanks everyone - I'll check with the players and get back to you.

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Looking at the thread/what the party needs it looks like AdamWarnock and Vrog Skyweaver's ideas would be a good fit with the party. They're making their way out of the dungeon now with some loot so it would be a good time to join the group (I'll post a bit more in the Discussion Thread).

If Snowhawk/Dread are interested I have another table running who have 4 players currently after a dropout. They're not quite at a good point to add characters in but will be soon. If interested post in their Discussion Thread and we can sort characters out while they're finishing off where they are.

Thanks! Looking forward to this one.


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