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Im trying to find out the hp and hardness of a mithral buckler, I plan to add a shield boss to it.

Mithral has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 15.
but how thick is a buckler?

Mithral and Steel have the same hit points, only the hardness is different. So:

Steel Buckler - Hardness 10, 5HP
Mithral Buckler - Hardness 15, 5HP

where is that listed? I didnt look in the book but i checked several srd's
and a lot of failed google fu.

edit: oh, I thought you posted hp.

so, again, how thick is a buckler? what IS the hp?

HP were given in the earlier response. I found the same information in the table at the very end of the "Additional Rules" chapter of the CRB.

oh, I see the 5 hp now. again, thank you

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