Pikemen training?

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so, Pikemen training lets you use a shield and a spear (using the spear or pole arm one handed).

Now, I know its a mute point when looking at bucklers because you can already use a buckler.

however, for the sake of easing concerns, this would let you use a spear/pole one handed and benefit from a buckler in the other hand normally... yes? this feat, per raw, isnt just limited to working with light or heavy shields... right?

No. Light/Heavy Shield =/= Buckler.

There are other feats that do similar things though, such as UNHINDERING SHIELD or SHIELD BRACE. These have the advantage that they don't turn your spear into a 1-handed weapon, meaning you still get the 2-handed damage modifier.

I know Light/Heavy Shield =/= Buckler.

wasnt the question.

The feat says: "You get X benefit when wielding a light or heavy shield".

Your question was:"Can I use this with a buckler?"

My answer: "No, Buckler =/= Light/Heavy Shield."

The feat makes no mention of bucklers, so it can't be used with them.

If you're asking something else you might need to rephrase it.

Also, it's a good idea to link feats when asking about them, it makes it easier for others to help, so you'll be more likely to get a good answer.

Also, it’s a “moot point,” not a ‘mute point.’

For future reference.

But like MC said, a bucket is not a light or heavy shield.

moot and mute is a matter of accent, though I concede on the matter of pikemen's training. I misremembered wording and now that ive looked again I understand.

thank you.

Moot and mute are different words, even if your accent pronounces them the same way.

but they can be used contextually for similar reasons, just like you seem to not quite understand what accent means.

you are thinking the way a word is said.

but im saying it to mean its a way or method of talk. Someone who speaks in slang is using a particular accent of speech.

which, btw, is part of what im doing. its a form of slang (or accent).

I use to have a japanese friend who spoke japanese with me. my sentence structuring was based on an english understanding of language structuring and they would often tease me so i would defend myself teasingly and say its my accent. now I use that as a common way to so 'its how i talk' or 'im using slang'. its my accent.

just like i could say all of this is mute.

to say it is mute is to say its irrelevant, silent in relation of relevance, to the topic. which is one meaning of moot (: deprived of practical significance : made abstract or purely academic)

now stop trying to tell me how to talk, thats far off topic.

It's off topic so I won't go into why if you don't want but: you're wrong twice over in the last post.

But if I knew that, I'd still have my yo-yo.

and I say you are wrong, avr

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