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Trophy: The RPG is on Kickstarter, and everyone should check it out!

Trophy is a rules-light game that straddles the divide between the Old School Renaissance (OSR) and modern indie/story-games.

It is actually two distinct but related games:

Trophy Dark is a one-shot dark fantasy/horror RPG about flawed and desperate treasure-hunters seeking fortune in the depths of an enchanted forest that does not want them there. The PCs face challenges from without and within, and the game typically ends with desperate actions that lead to doom.

Trophy Gold is an expansion of Dark, providing a more-traditional campaign-style RPG of classic dungeon-crawling. The mechanics emphasize trade-offs and hard decision-making. Combat is fast, suspenseful, and deadly, and the rewards are tantalizing.

The KS also includes a campaign book Trophy Loom. Loom presents a hinted-at, non-canonical setting that is generated by the GM and players from a large selection of world-building prompts and random tables. Much of the lore for Loom will be crowd-sourced: before, during, and after the KS proper.

The initial version of Trophy has been out since December 2018 through The Gauntlet's monthly magazine Codex. The rules originally appeared in Codex #28: Dark 2. You can download a free copy of the original rules for both Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold from the Kickstarter page.

The KS has already unlocked a large array of stretch goals. The final goal is in reach: "The Roots of Kahduhr", a megadungeon for Trophy Gold. This final goal will be a huge dungeon in spirit of The Temple of Elemental Evil or The Emerald Spire. The author list for "Roots of Kalduhr" is a who's who of the indie RPG scene.

I am incredibly excited for the Trophy RPG Kickstarter. I backed it at the "Treasure Hunter" level, which includes a three-volume hardcover set of rulebooks for Trophy Dark, Trophy Gold, and Trophy Loom, and also two sets of custom dice; a set of custom coin tokens; and a set of character creation cards... in addition to digital versions of all the books plus all the digital stretch goals.

I strongly encourage every RPGer to check it out... If nothing else, you can pick up the core rules for two RPGs for free!

Seconding Haladir! Trophy looks extremely promising, and already has a lot of RPG zines to supplement it funded by Zine Quest 2!


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3 days left for the Kickstarter, and less than $1000 to go on the final stretch goal:

"Roots of Old Kulduhr": massive megadungeon in the spirit of Emerald Spire, Undermountain, and Temple of Elemental Evil, to be penned by a veritable "Who's Who" of independent tabletop RPG designers.

This is a very exciting stretch goal!

I strongly encourage Paizo fans to check out this game!

Trophy RPG on Kickstarter

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The Trophy RPG KS is over, funding at over 2,000%!

2,543 backers.

$210,141.00 raised. (Funding goal: $10,000)

ALL 3 social goals unlocked.

ALL 19 stretch goals unlocked.

This is going to be an amazing game!!

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