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Does anyone else think of Archimedes the Owl in the cartoon Sword in the Stone when they think of the Sage Archetype Familiar, or is it just me?

I actually think of the Wise Old Owl or Professor Owl or Mr Owl from Winnie the Pooh or those old Tootsie Pop commercials. Also Mr Wizard from an old cartoon, Mr Peabody from the time-traveling dog cartoons, or perhaps Nicademus from The Rats of Nymh. There's a lot of smart, wise, talking animals in fiction which I think is really cool.

If your Sage familiar takes the feat Sage's Guidance though and risks the threat of sharing the square of the foe or hazard being ID'd though... that one's a bit different than the folks I'm thinking of.

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Don’t forget the Spark of the Uncanny feat for this, so your owl can share its wisdom.

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