Current captain of the Grinning Pixie?

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Now that Calisro Benary is a faction leader and appears to be based in Absalom, do we have any sense who is the new captain of the Grinning Pixie/VC of the lodge the ship represents? I'm updating the background of some older scenarios to the new canon and timeline, and this would be useful information if it exists.

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PFS2 1-09:
Eras the Needle is the current captain, but I'd leave Calisro as the captain in previous scenarios. Eras isn't really a venture-captain either. The slight tension in her no longer being the captain is addressed in Star-Crossed Voyages.


DrParty06 wrote:
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Calisro Benarry is now the captain of the "Glorious Payout" IIRC.

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Captain Venture Captain?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Captain Venture Captain?

Nope. Not a VC anymore as detailed in 1-01.

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