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The monster in question is from the Age of Ashes adventure path, so consider this a spoiler warning.

So I've been working on a summoning guide, and as I got to the end of the eligible creatures for summon construct, I got to the Soulbound Ruin. This is a level 15 undead and construct that is basically a haunted ruin. Now, when you cast the spell... Does it basically turn aa 10th level summon construct into "Summon Haunted House"? I feel like the monster should have had the uncommon tag to avoid this, as it's a very strange image. Not that it's a great monster to summon anyway, due to several of its main abilities being unusable by a summon, but I digress.

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Seems like it, yeah. Summon a house and you don't even need to worry about attacking with it, just drop it on them if you can.

If it's good enough for Dorothy it's good enough for me.

I realized the same issue when I did my own "Summon X" charts. My interpretation is that you're actually summoning the haunting spirits in this case, so it would transform the existing environment in most instances, "possessing" it in effect. I would only allow it to create a structure if it was cast outside without any buildings nearby.

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