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Hi all,

I wanted to ask if by now there was some kind of box insert for the core set / curse available?

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to start playing the new sets, but I wanted to finally open my boxes and organize them, to make it more likely when I finally get the time to play them.

While I appreciate the foam box inserts, I'd prefer something a little more rigid and sturdy.

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The Core box doesn’t need a wooden insert. The new organizational method works great, with exception of the dividers which are way too flimsy. Sturdier dividers are really all you need.

The Curse box is too small for any sort of insert to work. I hope that oversight is corrected moving forwards so that expansion boxes are useful for organizing the cards they come with when not playing that expansion (even when fully sleeved).

Thanks for the feedback, skizzerz.

After finally sleeving up my core box yesterday, I experienced exactly what I was expecting when I made this thread:

I have no idea how I am supposed to effectively use the new organizational method that comes with the box, so it feels much less accessible than the prior boxes with a wooden insert.

I've actually found a wooden insert at go7gaming that would make me very happy, but it's not really an option for anyone living outside the US due to horrendous shipping rates.

So I guess my question now boils down to asking you guys on how you setup your box with the foam inserts in order to use it efficiently.
Maybe there is even some video online that I'm unaware of?

Do you cut the foam inserts down so that you have multiple inserts?
With the wooden inserts I'm used to, I had a single loose compartment for each type of card I need to interact with, which is not possible with 4 foam inserts. Do you flip the dividers to get access to the back and front of their respective compartment?

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I got rid of the foam that didn’t fit and solely use the dividers. Fitting fully sleeved Core+Curse was too challenging with all the foam in there. The foam is just padding so the cards don’t topple over in the box. Flipping the dividers is exactly how you’re meant to access the cards, hence my above comment about them being a bit flimsy for that task.

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Another option (although not a cheap one) is the Ultra Pro Pathfinder Adventure Chest
(Around $60; outside the US you may be able to find it on Amazon from a local distributor to avoid international shipping costs)

While you're still relying on the dividers to separate the cards, you've got something a bit sturdier than thin cardboard keeping everything in two rows, and the smaller compartments underneath are useful for all sorts of things (pawns, dice, character decks, ...)
There is one minor drawback; you need to trim about 1/10" off the dividers to get them to fit properly with the top closed - they're too tall.

I've got three of these; two have full Core+Curse sets, while the third has just the Core set on one side of the top deck, and a complete set of the Adventurer's Packs (all the boons from Core & Curse) on the other side. Everything is sleeved; if you don't sleeve your cards you will, of course, be able to get more cards into a box.

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