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Character Operations Manual page 25 has the feat Profession Mastery which reads

"Choose one Profession skill that you have at least 1 rank in. You must also have a minimum ability score of 13 in the ability score associated with the chosen Profession skill. You can use the chosen Profession skill to attempt skill tasks
associated with one of the two skills associated with your chosen Profession. Each common profession skill appears below after its associated ability score, and each skill lists two skills you can select between when you take this feat.
Once made, this decision cannot be changed."

Under the Intelligence-Based Profession Skills it has the following
"electrician (Disable Device, Engineering)"

I'm assuming this is a typo as Disable Device is not a skill, but a use of the engineering skill.

My second assumption would be that the second skill for Profession (Electrician) would be computers? But curious to the thoughts of the community.

My apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere, I did not see it in FAQs or in my rules forum search, but my search fu is weak.

Heh. Cool. Disable Device used to be a skill in previous D20 systems.

I would actually vote Physical Science as the other skill. Not sure how well it fits with the other profession skill lists though. Being an electrician doesn't really use computers any more than any other profession does. And certainly being an electrician doesn't give any exceptional insight into hacking or creating software modules.

breithauptclan wrote:
Not sure how well it fits with the other profession skill lists though.

Looking into it, having Physical Science as one of the two skills is in line with the other options, but it does cause Electrician to be identical to Architect.

Physical Science makes sense. Not sure what else would work so it doesn’t duplicate another profession. If architect was CHA or WIS based I wouldn’t have any issues with it. I mean duplicate skill isn’t the end of the world, can still be role played differently. Thanks

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