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Sorry first time DM. I asked in the discord channel but didn't get any answers. I also skimmed the GM section of the wiki page ( cs/) but it's not clear to me.

When you fill out your "gm" credit sheet, for your character do you need to put anything "on" it? (you do get GM forms for one of your characters right?)

Is that character included in the Event Reporting Form? (assume no but)

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Here's what I do: (I do mainly in-person play, not Online, but I think the process should be the same)

When filling out the event reporting form, the "GM Org Play number" should be your PFS number and the character number ie: 'XXXXXX-2XXX', with the GM Faction field being the faction for the listed character. GM Name, i put in my username as that's what an event reporter would look up if there's a problem.

If its a repeat GM of a non-repeatable scenario, then its just a bare 'XXXXXX' no character number for the first field and I like to put 'n/a: repeat' in the GM Faction field then. (When running at a con where I'm not a reporter -- tends to make it easier on whomever is giving the form the quick sanity check that an empty field is empty on purpose)

The character is NOT included in the player boxes below.

When filling out the chronicle for the GM, you'll want to a) record the character number, the faction (these should match the header of the event reporting form) and b) the entire bottom of the form (event/code/date/signature). The rest can generally be filled in when you _apply_ the chronicle rather than now when you're _assigning_ it.

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Ok! Thanks!

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