Rovagug's victims


Is there any list of the gods and worlds Rovagug destroyed? (Or is it all just origin story?)


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It's pretty much origin story, I like the idea that his destruction is so complete that they don't even leave memories.

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They usually don't go that deep into the specifics of the ancient eras unless they are closely tied into a character's backstory (Asmodeus' brother, Zon-Kuthon's father, Desna's mentor/Lamashtu's lootbox).

Rovagug... he wouldn't bother remembering anyone after he is done destroying them. So at best, you might see a god whose friend or family member died in the battle. Certainly not a comprehensive list.

Worlds are even more likely to get written off.

Sarenrea started as a General in some god/ess army and her patron died in that fight and sarenrea rose to godhood in that battle....but i dont think they ever released a name.

lemeres wrote:
Worlds are even more likely to get written off.

This made me think to mention that we know that the first world destroyed during this particular rampage was the very one upon which Asmodeus betrayed and slew Ihys.

This is not counting the seven world's destroyed by the Rough Beast on the previous rampage, for which the Sevenfold Cynosure is named

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