Is Paizo on vacation?

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Not trying to be snarky but I am a bit confused and frustrated. As evidenced by the current state of the customer service forum, questions and requests haven’t been touched in about six days (counting today), including issues with placing orders (I’m trying to give Paizo money and can’t; another user reported a similar issue). Less urgent but there are two threads about being unable to change avatar images, and emails to customer service are likewise unanswered. Is there a Con right now that I forgot about?

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I understand the confusion and the frustration, and I'm sorry you (and others) are having a negative experience. To answer your question, we are not on vacation, we've had a number of issues all hitting at once, and it's been a particularly difficult January (and now February).

For customer service, we've been working with a backlog that hit us hard around the holidays and has gotten worse with the issues in January. We've got a team of four customer service representatives, and we've experienced several outages due to illness and weather. The January subscription fulfillment had several delays (customs holds on products, weather, & others) that together caused shipments to extend past the release date, and because it contained a hotly anticipated book, Gods & Magic, the impact of that delay caused another spike in customers requesting assistance. We're down quite a bit finally and its still at 400 emails (not including forums and phone messages).

The other major issue that's having an effect on multiple departments (CS, Tech, Warehouse) is a recent roll out of code to begin assessing and applying retail sales tax for roughly 25 states. This has been a massive change, and one of the more difficult ones to vet and assess issues that come up that I've experienced in my 10 years here.

The postive news right now is that I hope to have a listing for a new fifth customer service representative position by the end of the week.

We are all working as quickly as we can to resolve outstanding issues, help our customers and community, and to get back into a more reasonable pace.

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I'd imagine the delay on Dead God's Hand and the introduction of the deluxe rulebook sub probably are only adding to the customer requests!

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Silly OP, Americans don't do vacations. No, really, they don't.

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Thank you, Sara. I really and sincerely appreciate that. It was so strange and out of the ordinary I figured something had to be going on but I couldn't figure out what.

Thank you for all your work!

Any progress on this? It still seems like there's quite a backup in customer service responses.

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And they are most definitely not on vacation now. If anything, the people connected with updating/maintaining the website or with shipping are probably working overtime.

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