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I placed this order Jan 18 for books 2-6 of Hell's Rebels. According to the confirmation email I received the order was for those 5 books. According to Order history on your site it is for nothing for a total order amount of $0. I haven't been charged for anything, but I am curious about the status of this order. I have tried emailing customer service, but haven't heard anything yet.

Thank you,

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi bigalmetfan!

So sorry about the wait and the glitch with your order. I've got everything in your order set up to go, and it will ship from our warehouse soon. I've also sent a confirmation email, so if anything looks wrong, just let us know.

- Virginia

Hello. Sorry on the delay in getting back to you. If there is any way to cancel this order. By the time I heard back from you I had gone another route to get the books so I could read the whole adventure before the first session. Thanks anyways.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hey bigalmetfan!

Sorry for *my* delay! Your order has been cancelled and you're all good.

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