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My human Aether Kineticist recently caused a Primal Aether event (random wild magic) which resulted in him obtaining two extra arms. Seems like this might be permanent, but even if not, I was wondering what kind of interesting stuff could a Kineticist do with extra arms. I'm not looking for things that would make my character overpowered (or even reasonably more powerful) or things that are obviously broken. I'm looking for ideas that are fun, unusual, and provide a small benefit at most. Obviously a creature with 4 arms would be way more powerful than one with 2 arms, but for balance reasons I dont wanna get ahead of the power curve. Like, I know I could be carrying two extra weapons but I feel that making two extra attacks (if it's even possible) would make it overpowered so I probably am not going to do that. Also, as I'm mostly fighting at range, and have a STR of 10, I'm not really interested in making additional melee attacks (such a weapon would perhaps be useful only for occasional AoOs).

I have not discussed this with our DM yet, I would first like to get some ideas, but I'm having trouble coming up with something interesting. Like, first thing that comes to mind is that I'd assume a 4-armed creature gets a bonus to its CMB to grapple and also to its CMD to resist being grappled, for example, but even that might be too much of a power boost (I dunno yet. A +2 bonus might not be too bad). The other idea that comes to mind is being able to wield a shield and still have enough free hands for blasting and gathering power. A good shield could provide quite an AC boost, however my normal AC is so low that even with this boost it probably wouldnt be high enough to cause problems...

Any other interesting and fun ideas for things to carry, or do with extra arms?

I don't think there's any automatic bonuses to checks or rolls for having extra arms. It might make logical sense that you would be better at certain things, but the game doesn't always work by logic. Alchemists and eidolons have options for getting extra arms and they don't get much more out of it than holding more things.

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Kineticist blasts are not impacted by number of arms, so there is no synergy between your primary class ability and this change.

That said, you have already cited having a weapon ready for AoO and/or a shield for defense. Since blasts are a standard action you may frequently have a move action available to be using free hands to retrieve and drink potions or otherwise get things from your pack.

If you are any good at climbing you could be using two hands for that while still being able to blast normally.

However, note that Gather Power specifically requires ALL of your hands to be free... however many you have.

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To Gather Power you need all hands free, so how many actual hands you have is irrelevant, since they need all to be free for this purpose.

Gather Power wrote:
If she has both hands free (or all of her prehensile appendages free, for unusual kineticists), a kineticist can gather energy or elemental matter as a move action.

Therefore, if you are planning on using Gather Power regularly on every fight, nothing of what follows will concern you, as all four your hands need to be free.

For Kinetic Blast, however, you need only one hand free

Kinetic Blast wrote:
She must have at least one hand free to aim the blast (or one prehensile appendage, if she doesn’t have hands)

which gives you 3 more items to hold. I suggest:

1) Overflowing Rod*.
2) +N Heavy Shield.
3) +1 Training[X] Dueling Dagger. X = any [Combat] feat you might need to improve your build.

On a generic melee build, you could simply use the extra hands to make additional attacks per round using Multi-Weapon Fight rules (which is equivalent to Two Weapon Fight).

On a grapple-based build, you can use the extra arms to grapple multiple targets (or a single target while also wielding items) without incurring in the penalty for grappling with one hand alone (see Grabbing Style).

In either case, I doubt this applies to you. In your case, I would say that holding additional items is the only mechanical benefit you would get, and it is hardly OP, so have fun with it!

* I have never played nor built a Kineticist, so I am not 100% sure of the utility of this item. From a quick read of it and the Kineticist's abilities, it seems alright, but feel free to consider anything else (for example, another +1 Training Weapon)

A kineticist should use a buckler. A buckler hand is "free", though if you gather power I assume you can't benefit from the buckler that round.

Thanks for your replies everyone.

I know there's no automatic bonuses, I just meant that I think it'd make sense. The game doesnt use logic all the time but in my opinion we should try to add more logic, if possible :) of course its up to the DM in the end :)

And yeah its not a good synergy but that's why I'm looking for ideas.
If I have a move action free to use, its probably always going to be better to use it for gather power (or do a full attack with kinetic blade). Potions are hardly worth it in the middle of combat, and I'm not sure what kind of items I'd need to retrieve since the kineticist doesnt really need items in combat (other than what he has equipped). Any ideas or examples are welcome.
I suck at climbing because Aether gives me the ability to fly pretty much all the time (but otherwise a good idea!).

Not sure about the all hands thing, it says "both hands" or "all prehensile appendages". An argument could be made that they're not the same. For example, a creature that has prehensile appendages presumably doesnt have hands, otherwise it would have just said hands. Not sure why it's phrased like it is. If the intention was to make sure that all limbs are free, then why not write "all hands, or all prehensile appendages"? It seems to presume that humanoids always have two hands while "unusual" races always have more than two, but this is not the case. But anyway: so far I havent been using gather power nearly as often as I should (or at least thought I would). If I'd need just two empty hands, then that would surely change. If I still need all empty hands, then its probably not going to change....

1.) Overflowing Rod: seems like this would give me +1 to attack and +2 to dmg, and also let me get the stat increases 3 levels earlier. Sounds pretty good for the price (unlike most other kineticist-specific items). I like the idea, though this might already be above the power level increase that our DM would allow...
2.) Shield sounds good
3.) Dueling sounds fun, and Training sounds useful, though there are far too many Combat Feats for me to go through in a timely manner... any suggestions for a good one?

Not a melee build (I do have kinetic blade though), not a grapple build (but I did recently take Telekinetic Maneuvers... still, I dont use hands for those, though I guess that means I could grapple even more targets :D but actually no, cause that sounds overpowered... at the very least I'd expect to gain a huge penalty for every additional target I'd try to grapple).

Yeah I do use a buckler already, and yeah I lose the bonus when gathering power, attacking, etc. Having a normal shield would let me keep the AC bonus, but might prevent gather power.... :(

All in all, thanks for the tips. If anyone's got more interesting stuff to hold in extra hands, I welcome all ideas :)

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