Can the companion spell of the Contingency be cast by a different caster?

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I.e. Can a spellcaster like a wizard cast contingency on themselves and the party Cleric cast the Heal spell. Heal is a 6th level cleric spell, so if the wizard has a caster level of at least 18 it meets the spell level is no more than one third caster level rule.

Or is this only meant for spells that the contingency-caster can cast?

Contingency wrote:

School evocation; Level sorcerer/wizard 6


Casting Time at least 10 minutes; see text
Components V, S, M (quicksilver and an eyelash of a spell-using creature), F (ivory statuette of you worth 1,500 gp)


Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 day/level (D) or until discharged


You can place another spell upon your person so that it comes into effect under some condition you dictate when casting contingency. The contingency spell and the companion spell are cast at the same time. The 10-minute casting time is the minimum total for both castings; if the companion spell has a casting time longer than 10 minutes, use that instead. You must pay any costs associated with the companion spell when you cast contingency.

Short answer: No :(, you need to be able to cast Contingency plus the 2nd spell yourself.

However, if you want to be a Cleric and take the Dreamed Secrets feat at level 13, you can pick up Contingency and then do a Contingency+Heal to yourself :) Druids and Oracles can also do the same thing because they get access to Dreamed Secrets as well.

S##+ you are right I was selectively ignoring things... thanks

It never says anything about using a scroll of Heal with Use Magic Device.

Also check The Contingency Spell feat.

Also if the Divine caster is an oracle with the Time mystery and mythic with Mythic Contingency they can cast it on you.

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Bonded Mind & Share Spells

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DeathlessOne wrote:

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Bonded Mind & Share Spells

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Share Spells ability converts a Personal spell into a Touch spell which can be cast on a Familiar/other. It doesn't make the target the caster. A requirement of taking 2 Teamwork feats make this a highly impractical route for a single spell and is only an advantage for Personal spell sharing with someone who has the Feat(s).

Contingency requires the caster to cast both spells. In practice this can vary and spells from items have been used as the companion magic. I don't think most GMs are a stickler with this spell.

If you are not willing to invest the feats into making it work, that is not a problem I am here to address. I am just giving options. I do disagree that taking these two feats for this ONE spell is impractical at all, since you can load up the entire party with a contingency spell, and if your other party members want to contribute scrolls that you tie into the casting of Contingency, that makes your job easier.

Then again, I don't play characters that focus solely on their own power. Taking these two feats when I am able to is pretty much guaranteed when I can get at least ONE of my other party members to invest. The personal buff spells that you can throw out onto classes that don't normally get them, or have much need for them, make them all the more deadly.

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