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Hello everyone,
I'm starting a new campaign and I'm thinking about my character. I always loved to play non human characters (and I mean no small human, no bearded human, no tall and pointed ears human). As I have the nicest DM I already played a goblin, a gnoll, a dragon (so hard to keep it not too powerfull.).
I thought of not so diffucult ones: kobold, a small ratling or vanara (yeah, I would love it to be small or smaller.). I was thinking of an imp but I can't find a good template.
If you have any suggestions I'm open to almost anything.
Thanks for your help.
Have a good day !

(Sorry for the writing mistakes english is not my native tongue.)

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Kenku is always fun! Can even play around with some of their feats to get them to glide.
Theres also the outsider mixed races like Oreads, Sylphs and Undines. For me these races are always located where there is a rift to their associated elemental plane and that just makes for some interesting story opportunities.
Also I just want to make waterbender using an Undine Watersinger

Play a kitsune with a liberal reading of realistic likeness and be a different person every day. Then you don't have to decide.

Silver Crusade

So, you have not given any specifics about the build, or even the type of character you want to play. Therefore, I will suggest you a couple of race-build combinations with strong synergy so that you can play both a weird race and a powerful character.

Fey Sorcerer Kitsune. Kitsunes have a racial +2 on Charisma, which means that can start from Cha 20. Kitsunes also get +1 on the DC of enchantment spells they cast. Fey bloodline adds +2 to the DC of charm and compulsion spells, and Kitsune Sorcerer's favourite class bonus adds +1 to the DC of such spells every 4 levels. In other words, Kitsunes make quite terrific charm/compulsion experts: for example, at 4th level, the DC to resist Hideous Laughter will be (at least) 21, with no Cha-boost items or feats!

That being said, you can combine the Fey bloodline with others to expand your versatility via the Crossblooded archetype. For example, you can combine it with the Verdant bloodline to affect animals or similar beast-like creatures not usually affected by your charm/compulsion spells; similarly you can pick Undead or Impossible to affect Undeads or Constructs respectively.

If you want to add an extra layer of fun, you can instead pick the Psychic bloodline as your second bloodline and then pick Fox shape as your 7th level feat, so that you can permanently be a Tiny fox while still able to cast spells (since psychic spells have no somatic/verbal components). Then you can pick a Bloodline Familiar instead of your 1st level power and get a Fox, maybe Mauler, so that now your Tiny Fox is guarded by a Medium Fox, who is actually pretty strong in combat too as it has got quite a decent Strength.

~ ~ ~

Vivisectionist/Beastmorph Ratfolk. Ratfolk have great racial bonuses for Alchemists: max Dex and get decent Int, then, pick the Tumor Familiar (Hawk would be quite good, and make it Mauler) and Feral Mutagen discoveries. Feat-wise, pick Weapon Finesse and Scurrying Swarmer. Equip: Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists as soon as you can and a Tailblade.

This works as follows: the Scurrying Swarmer feat makes you count as flanking with whatever ally you are sharing your square with. If you ride your familiar, you are effectively flanking with it: as a result, you can fly around on top of your familiar, attack someone, and then full attack it with Bite/Claw/Claw/Tail using your very high Dex both on hit and damage, while automatically getting sneak attack damage on all attacks automatically. Say bye to having to cooperate with your teammates to flank every time you attack!

~ ~ ~

Wizard Wayang. Wayangs get perfect stats for a Wizard, get a +1 DC bonus to Shadow/Darkness spells and they get to use a nifty mundane item called Shadow stencil set, which also adds another +1 DC. Then you get the Tenebrous Spell metamagic feat, which adds another +1 DC when these spells are cast in dim light (which you can easily achieve anytime you are not in bright light by having an Eclipsed Continual Flame cast on a pebble or ioun stone orbiting around your head). All that being considered, you now have a weird gnome who is pretty much the personification of shadows, who can cast irresistible Shadow Conjuration/Evocation/X spells, and make you pretty much believe anything he wants.

~ ~ ~

Sage Councilor Monk/Druid Grippli. Get a Grippli with one level in Sage Councilor Monk and the rest Druid, maybe Nature Fang if you do not care about Wild Shape. Pick a +1 Keen Waveblade and get a Spinosaurus animal companion. Pick Weapon Finesse and Butterfly Sting as your feat, while giving Power Attack to your companion. Cast Anthropomorphic Animal on your companion so that the two of you look like a muscular Lizardfolk with a weirdly vacuous and stupid stare, going around with his frog-baby (your actual character). Equip your companion with a Scythe or a Heavy Pick (Eventually +1 Thundering, Flaming Burst or the like). Every time the two of you attack anyone, you start with a flurry: if you confirm a crit, forego the extra damage and pass the ball to your companion. He now has a free x4 critical to deliver: he just needs to hit ;)

If you really want to push it, go Hunter instead, and go crazy with Teamwork shenanigans, such as Combat Reflexes + Paired Opportunist + Outflank, to trigger a cascade of AoOs from the both of you as soon as you crit once.

~ ~ ~

I hope these examples are useful. Let me know if you need help with any one of them.

Have you ever tried creating your own race with the RP feature?

Create New Races

I always allow new races in my campaigns, but I set the limit at 15 RP for balance reasons.

Oh really nice ideas.
As you noticed Gray Warden, I usually choose a race that I like, then think of a story and finally pick a class that might suits me.

But that's plenty of ideas! I like the kenku, It looks nice and can be a lot of fun. But now that you mention the grippli it's really appealing!

I'll check the Create new race system, thanks for pointing it out Ryze Kuja.

If another ideas pop up do not hesitate!
Thanks a lot!

Nytheal wrote:

Oh really nice ideas.

As you noticed Gray Warden, I usually choose a race that I like, then think of a story and finally pick a class that might suits me.

But that's plenty of ideas! I like the kenku, It looks nice and can be a lot of fun. But now that you mention the grippli it's really appealing!

I'll check the Create new race system, thanks for pointing it out Ryze Kuja.

If another ideas pop up do not hesitate!
Thanks a lot!

If you go Grippling, google Battletoads and consider grabbing Mutagenic Brawler and some really big boots.

If you're looking at monstrous races and want to go small, you probably can't go wrong with the fey. There's lots of low CR creatures to use as a "chassis" on which to build:

Mite: Small size, Vermin Empathy, 1/day Doom ability, bonus to Dex and Wis with a penalty to Str, and a passion for Sleight of Hand.

Sprite: Tiny sized, you glow all the time, ridiculous Dex, you fly, and 1/day you can unleash one of the most feared level 1 spells in history: Color Spray!

Biloko: probably the best party "face" you can start with at level 1 with a bonus to Dex and Cha but a penalty to Str, Charm Person 3/day, the Persuasion ability they also get, and Small size just screams Bard, Rogue, and so on.

That's 3 right there. If you can make a dragon work you could probably turn other, more powerful fey into level 1 PCs. The korred, a laughing man whose small stature is completely enveloped by a beard with a mind of its own - he can dance with the rocks on the moors and disappear through the stones without a trace. Maybe the clever Buckawn with a love of plants so deep they can entangle their enemies with a quip and routinely smear the poison of deadly berries on their weapons. How about a mournful Forlarren, the "tiefling" of the fey world, whose fiendish nature manifests in deadly claws and their penchant for manifesting white-hot rage in metal, yet whose sensitive faerie nature causes them preternatural remorse and sorrow whenever they slay a living creature.

Thank you very much for all your advice.
I'm keeping all that in a corner of my mind but after a discussion with the other players we'll be creating a group of outsiders (mainly celestials and fiends) lost on the material plane. I'm still not sure what race but it's a another thinking ;)
But thanks again for your time.

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