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Another idea we are working on is for a character that is constantly trying to pass along other conditions and effects with his weapon attacks.

So we are looking at all the ways this can be done so we can try to figure out the best combination. If you are constantly causing the bad guy to make 1-3 more saves nearly every time you hit, it will quickly add up. Even if the saves aren't high and the effects are minor, lots of saves will eventually mean failures and a bunch of minor effects are sometimes worse than 1 big effect.

Magus can tack spells on to any weapon attack.
Poisoned weapons
Conductive weapon can channel any touch or ranged touch Su or Sp ability
Fey sorcerer bloodline has laughing touch to use with a conductive weapon
Aberrant bloodrager bloodline can cause staggering criticals
Bloodcrystal can increase bleed damage
Viridium weapons cause save vs leprosy
Spiresteel causes save or staggered on critical hit
Throneglass can cause spell disruption

So what other things can you think of and how best to stack a bunch of them up on one build?

Hex strike if fighting unarmed; or revelation strike maybe similarly.

There's a bunch of stunning fist-like feats as well as stunning fist itself. Brawlers or other martially flexible people might use those best due to the per-day limits.

Enforcer allows an intimidate check with a melee nonlethal bludeoning hit (saps, unarmed strike, some others with mock gladiator or merciful weapons).

There's all kinds of rogue talents adding to sneak attack. Unchained rogues get debilitating strike too.

Some invesigator talents add effects to studied combat or studied strike.

Thug rogues get to frighten or sicken people.

A trio of feats (one per save type) add minor debuffs to vital strike.

Grenadier alchemists can add alchemical weapons to normal weapons.


A sylvan trickster rogue using enforcer and hex strike was something I liked putting together once, and rime frostbite magi are notably effective. An unarmed magus using rime spell + frostbite & one of the debuffs that can be stacked on unarmed strikes would likely be the best IMO. You might be able to do something impressive with a warsighted oracle but it depends on level quite a lot

Shadow Lodge

This Dirty Trick Build is pretty good at stacking them up.

Jistkan/hexcrafter Magus can pull off frightened with Enforcer, fatigued with Frostbite spell, entangled with Frostrime Frostbite metamagic and then cursed with Evil Eye Hex by around level 3 maybe?.

Add in special materials into golem arm, and disarm/trip for more CC.

Let's not forget everyone's favorite: Weapon Focus with a 2-h reach weapon and Perform: Dance 4 ranks gets us Spear Dancer, so you automatically add Dazzled any time you hit with the object of your weapon focus.

Going back to Core and Weapon Focus there's Dazzling Display to make an Intimidate check to Demoralize (causes Shaken) on all foes within 30'.

Fearsome Spell is a feat that adds Shaken when you successfully deal damage with a spell. Sickening spell is the same thing, only it adds Sickened.

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