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Hello all,
I was able to apply the Vampire Spawn template using the Monster Codex option, but now I have gained enough exp to level up.

What are the rules for leveling a player character with the Vampire Spawn template?

Utilizing Hero Lab, as so many of us do, it seems to think that I should just pick a class to advance and move on with life, but I need to provide a better answer to my GM before doing so.

I have about 36K exp points and HL says I should be at level 7 with the V.S. template.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance and if this is in the wrong place, pardon me.

What did you apply this template to?

How did you gain 36k XP and you don't have a class yet?

I agree with HeroLab... pick a class, level up, enjoy.

Sovereign Court

Level 5 Antipalidin when bitten.
No leveling up since bit.

So, if the character was a level 5 when bitten, the spawn template would add CR2 to the character making them a CR7 (5 from the normal leveling and 2 for the spawn). This would not allow them to move forward with their class advance until level 8 or CR8?

I guess I am asking, does a spawn template just get applied without concerns of exp and future leveling plateaus?

According to the Archives of Nethys, Vampire Spawn is a CR+1 adjustment... and honestly, I thought it just meant that you had to stop at level 19.

Templates are not really designed for PC so you are pretty much in the realm of GM options.

Pathfinder does not have the level cost that 3rd edition D&D did, so technically you should just level up just like a normal character. This will of course make your character a lot more powerful than the rest of the party, so the GM may want to impose some cost.

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