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Hi i'm making a villain that is going to basically be the Blaster from the magus Hexcrafter guide by By STR Ranger and Mathwei apNiall. Fluff behind it is he's the first person to have both the Warlord Belkzen and the kuthonite blue dragon Kazavon as ancestors (ie first time the bloodlines have intersected), and that therefore when he comes of age he just gets a s@@$ ton of levels, and is part of a group of (much older) Half-Orc intellectuals who want to see the Hold of Belkzen united. I was thinking however of adding a dip of admixture wizard instead of (or perhaps in addition to, but haven't really thought through if this would help me) taking the elemental spell thing, because i wanted more metamagic flexibility for higher level spells. so like he would be Crossblooded Sorcerer (orc/dragon)1/Admixturist 1/Magus 19. (I feel like greater spell access for magus is where i want to stop at). He would also get like an intelligent scimitar artifact because of how legendary Belkzen was and because of divine intervention from Lamashtu/Dretha/Sezelrian (in this context because the half-orcs are trying to bring civilization to the orcs, Rovagug is kinda off the table).

1. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this would work out as a villain, or if the way the Blaster was built only makes sense for PCs or something?

2. I assume for greater spell access and spell blending (if i get it) i want to be getting Contingency and permanency (as mentioned in Walter's Guide to the magus), as well as cold ice strikes.

3. I was thinking it might make sense for me to swap out feats like weapon focus, selective spell (he's a villain) for something else, and hexes like hex evil eye and flight (i can just give him a cool mount like a sleipnir or wyvern or something right?) and summon spirit (only PC's need abilities that give mooks... Villains get stuff for ~free) for things like spell blending or familiar and some other grand hex.

4. If I go with admixture, should does familiar make any sense (its just gonna be a level 1 familiar with like a bunch of hit points (obviously i probably don't want to take it if i grab it as a magus arcana)?


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