Just thought I'd share a bit of the backstory I'm making for my character.

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Scarab Sages

This is the demon's perspective of the event that justifies the "stolen fury" from wrath of the righteous.

As Dral’Gazol led the other demons out of the rocks a cruel smiled graced his features, it seemed the thralls had done their work well. All was in readiness for the ritual that would raise him to the upper echelons of demons in the coming invasion. With a gesture he sent the others to join the circle and begin the ritual. As the chanting began, he noticed one of the subjects struggling desperately to break free of the bonds holding him in place. Worthless fool he didn’t even have the it to appreciate the gift he was to be given.

As the magical energies began their transformation, he savoured the look of fear and panic in the man’s eyes and voice. Soon that panic would turn to pain as the soul stone amplified their power allowing them to alter not just the human’s bodies but even their souls after which not even most powerful magics could turn them back into the worthless beings they now were. Still what better coin than pain to pay for the gift of power they would receive. The weak would die while the strong would be Infused with human, demon and angelic magic and given a form suitable for infiltrating the cities that surrounded their lands. He pondered for a moment what it was about children, especially female children that made the mortal races get all protective and weak. His gaze drifted from the transforming human to the demons conducting the ritual. This was the right way of things no foolish ideas of justice or friendship just a solid foundation of mutual benefit. Their powers to allow the transformation of their future weapon to a more useful form, his to bind that form to their service. Each aware the other would betray them when it was beneficial but working together till that time.

His attention returned to the humans they’d snatched from other worlds savouring the screams of those who were conscious.

While this is the human perspective.

Tebello cautiously looked over the rock and scowled he’d found the cultists but things were worse than they’d feared, far worse. The cultists were already setting up some kind of ritual to use the artefact they’d stolen from Ruc-Ayu’s tower. As his hand slipped into his belt pouch to trigger the figurine there that would alert the other Riftwardens to gather on his position his gaze fluttered briefly over the area noting important details. Half a dozen bound people some stirring, one apparently trying to break his bonds, twice that many cultists, the glimmering sapphire gem they’d taken, a vial of some kind of blood, the body of a woman and an altar to Lamashtu. Why would they be performing a ritual to her? Well it didn’t matter whatever they had planned it couldn’t be allowed to succeed. Gripping his sword, he prepared to engage the cultists and stall them till his companions arrived only to pull back hurriedly as several figured emerged from the nearby canyon. Demons, true demons and not just one or two but a half dozen including a Glabrezu. He could have stalled the cultists alone but not a force this powerful.

The demons took places alongside the cultists a moment later the sound they began chanting. A few minute later he whipped around in response to a slight sound relaxing as he saw it was two of his companions. Gesturing them to be silent he turned back to what he realized they wouldn’t be able to stop his attention was drawn to the figuring who had been trying to break their bonds earlier. Were they smaller? Watching a few of the other figures he confirmed his suspicions the demons were shrinking their captives. What dark madness was this? A sick feeling touched him as the ritual finished more souls, he had been too slow to save but they would be avenged. No wait the Glabrezu which hadn’t been involved in the prior ritual was now stepping forward signalling the attack he launched a lightning bolt at it and charged in if there was any chance of saving these people, he would take it.

Panting he stepped back from the corpse of his foe and looked around the battlefield several Riftwardens were down but the demons and cultists were dead of fled. Moving over to the ritual site he paused next to Alytheris as they said in confusion “All this, an artefact, multiple demons and its to turn their captives into little girls?” Shivering at the radiant haze of power surrounding the unconscious children he answered her implied question “No not just to turn them into children anyone of these is amongst the most powerful mages I’ve seen, as a group trained and turned to demonic service . . .”. He stared at them a moment before murmuring a spell and nodding at the results “Still perhaps we can turn this to our advantage.”

The relics involved were the soul stone (a custom artifact that allows magic to reshape a subjects soul), the body of one of Sorshen's clones (supplying human magic) and a vial of peri-blooded asimar blood to provide angelic and demonic magic. Combined with the ritual performed at a shrine to Lamashtu it transforms the subject from whatever they are into a 6 year old peri-blooded Asimar with a sorcerer bloodline (male or female depending on the vial of blood the demons have both but don't particularly care if their subjects are originally the same gender they become). They used their powers to nab the original victims from other worlds while their cultists stole the soulstone and a clone of sorshen from the surrounding lands. Fortunately for the surrounding area a group of Riftwardens tracking the cultists after the theft of an artifact that had an uknown purpose killed all the demons and rescued for the first group to have the ritual performed on them.

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