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Disguise in Society Play

While this is more of a Rule question, I feel this falls more into a grey area of GM decision. So posting it here for Society Play.

Since there's a couple scenarios that Disguise is a option, I want people's opinion on how the Disguise check is handled. This is assuming you have plenty of time to get the check right.

Can we take 20 on some Disguise skill checks?
Here's the ruling on Take 20 I think that might allow you to in some situations. -

Taking 20 means you are making multiple attempts at the task until you get it right. It also assumes that you are failing many times before you succeed.

If you can't take 20, can you try the check again if your party members tell you it looks horrible?

I think if I get a 7 on a disguise check my party could let me know I did a miserable job and I could then attempt to fix (do over) that disguise. How would this be handled mechanic wise?

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Disguise is a roll. Technically, it is supposed to be rolled by the GM, so you never know the result.

As a GM i'd say no to taking 20 because it is rooted in the multiple attempts because you know that you have failed. Due to how it works, you don't know that you have failed.

That said, I'd allow a take 10.

As for allies noticing that you did a miserable job, I'd allow it given enough in-game prep time. Though, for the sake of time efficiency, I'd probably default back to the taking 10.

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I think take 20 on a Disguise check is not going to work on most tables.

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I too don't think taking 20 is an option.

I have never had another player ask to roll to check if the disguise was good or not. If they did, I would likely give them a penalty because they have an idea of what the other character was going for.

It is a good suggestion to check the disguise that I will have to remember in the future.

I'm not happy with the Take 20 either. I just feel that there should be some feedback from party members on how you do on the skill check. If you have time to do it over.

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I would consider other party feedback to be their aid another rolls.

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Since this thread's topic is GM adjudication regarding Disguise, I'm going to shamelessly plug my own thread HERE.

I'm also kind of curious on how you'd handle a character that has a "famous" theme?

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Easy! Your cosplay identity is your public persona that gets aired on all the vlogs, and your Starfinder identity is the real you ^_^

That way you get invited to perform at all the swanky dinners, then sneak away for reconnaissance.


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Matt2VK wrote:

I'm also kind of curious on how you'd handle a character that has a "famous" theme?

Might be fun to play in a party of all famous people sometime. I'll bring Stavian IX, the politician icon solarian who wants to restore the glory that is Taldor. (Though with the gap and the loss of Golarian he is not sure where to find Taldor, or even exactly what made it glorious.)

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Thats a no. At least half of your disguise is you pulling the disguise off when it matters. Thats not something you can take 20 for

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