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Crafting: Some characters may choose to spend their time Crafting a piece of equipment. The rules for crafting can be found on pages 244-245 and 503–504 the Core Rulebook. Use the DC based on the level of the item from Table 10–5 for common items, applying the hard DC adjustment from Table 10–6 to the DC for uncommon items and the very hard DC adjustment for rare items. You can Craft uncommon or rare items only if you find their formulas.

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So, does the last sentence mean that formula are NOT needed for common items, or that formula for uncommon/rare items can only be FOUND not bought?

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See p.293 of the CRB about obtaining formulas.

You always need the formula to craft an item.
You can easily obtain common formulas by purchasing them for the price listed in the CRB.
In game, you can obtain any formula by copying it from a source available to you, such as another player's formula book, or a formula scroll you found.
In game, you can attempt to reverse-engineer and thus obtain a formula by disassembling the item as described.

However, the same general rules regarding accessability still apply, as for any other non-common option. In order to obtain or use anything non-common, you need to first gain "access" to it, rules-wise. Generally, in PFS-play, that access is obtained either through character features, such as feats or ancestry or earned later, usually as a reward on a chronicle, or potentially purchased with AcP.

Even if another PC in your party has access to and purchased a certain uncommon formula and is willing to let you copy it for free, you cannot get it in game, unless you yourself have first obtained "access" to said formula rules-wise.

"Finding their formula" is apparently the badly worded way of saying "have obtained access to it and copied it into your formula book".

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