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I know there’s been a healthy debate over RAW whether Soul Fire should work with Solar Flare, but I’ve not seen much conversation over other Solarian class features and revelations. Specifically, I’m talking about Plasma Sheath.

Taking a step back, the relevant portion of Solar Flare’s rules reads:

Any solarian class features (including stellar revelations and zenith revelations) that specifically affect melee weapons (such as the flashing strikes class feature) function with your solar flare, even if they normally work only with melee attacks.

And for completeness’s sake, the rules for Plasma Sheath:

As a move action, you can cause all of your melee attacks to deal fire damage instead of their normal damage type. (The attacks are still made against the target’s EAC or KAC as normal for the weapon.) This benefit lasts for 1 round or until you leave photon mode. When you are attuned or fully attuned, your attacks with plasma sheath deal additional fire damage equal to half your level.

To the point:

Solar Flare clearly states it can benefit from Solarian class features that specifically affect melee weapons. While Plasma Sheath affects melee attacks - and while it logically follows that you’re making melee attacks with a melee weapon - it does not specifically say it affects melee weapons. That might be a super hard rules lawyer way to look at it, but an argument could be made that Plasma Sheath doesn’t affect the weapon itself - just the result of an attack.

I like to think the intention is clear that Solar Flare and Plasma Sheath should work together, but I’ve been wrong before and I’ve heard tell from others that they shouldn’t because Plasma Sheath doesn’t specifically say anything about melee weapons.

I’d appreciate an FAQ on this, or at the very least, the community’s opinions. Thanks all!

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I find the argument that it doesn’t apply incredibly strained. The plasma sheath language is being twisted because it’s OVER inclusive to also apply to unarmed attacks. Using that to prevent solar flare application strikes me as motivated reasoning desperately clutching at excuses.

I agree, plasma sheathe should work just fine.

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Hey, I get to agree with Xenocrat!

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