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I am going to start a Campaign with a few close friends and could use some advice on a particular NPC.

The Character in question is a Bravo swashbuckler - Lawful neutral who will some time Aid and some hinder the players

Build Wise - he is to be built like a player character in the game to emphasize
He is a cut above the other people in the world

I am unsure of race but I want something that'll work but be fun to play when I use him in encounters

I Want him to be very flamboyant ....Billowing Cloak, fancy sword play ...Tongue as sharp as his sword

What level do you want the Bravo to function at, and is dipping okay?

Wonderstell wrote:

What level do you want the Bravo to function at, and is dipping okay?

Dipping is cool

But what do you mean what level I want him to function it

Not sure but i though i said i wanted him level 8

You didn't say that, but that's fine - we know the level now.

For an NPC I'd keep the build simple. He gets dazzling display, he'll probably want something to build on that, he gets swift action feint so he'll likely want to build on that too.

Swashbuckler 1: weapon finesse, EWP (Aldori dueling sword)
1: weapon focus (ADS)
3: slashing grace (ADS)
Swashbuckler 3: dazzling display (costs 1 panache/use)
Swashbuckler 4: combat expertise
5: improved feint
Swashbuckler 5: improved critical (ADS)
7: signature skill (intimidate)
Swashbuckler 8: greater feint

Going this way his feint is worthwhile and can aid others (greater feint), and dazzling display will sometimes produce more than a shaken result (signature skill). Slashing grace lets him do without much Str. He'll want at least 16 Cha so that he can do each of those and still have 1 point of panache left.

At level 7 you have access to the Dodging Dance Deed of Renown which makes for a very mobile fighting style.

Dodging Dance:
The swashbuckler moves around her opponents’ attacks to open them up for strikes. At 7th level, a swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point to move up to half her speed as a move action. If a creature makes an attack of opportunity against her due to this movement, she can attempt an Acrobatics check with a DC equal to the attacking creature’s CMD. If she succeeds, the attack of opportunity misses, and the swashbuckler can make an attack of opportunity against the attacking creature instead. She can attempt to evade multiple attacks of opportunity during this movement, but the DC of the Acrobatics check increases by 2 for each additional opponent that makes an attack of opportunity against her during this movement. If the swashbuckler has an ability that grants her additional attacks of opportunity, she can use them to respond to multiple missed attacks of opportunity with her own attacks. This deed replaces the swashbuckler’s grace deed and one other 7th-level deed.

Any race, Swashbuckler 8:
1 Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse (B)
3 Slashing Grace
4 Combat Reflexes (B)
5 Deific Obedience (Rowdrosh)
6 Swashbuckler Weapon Training +1
7 +1 Feat, Nimble +2
8 Weapon Trick (B)

Fighting Style:
So you use the Dodging Dance deed like Panther Style, but you can completely negate enemy attacks by succeeding on the acrobatics check instead of letting them hit you. You want a Swordmaster's Flair (Blue Scarf) to increase your reach to 10ft though. If you fail on the acrobatics check you'd still have around AC 30 vs Attacks of Opportunities, and the Weapon Trick feat should give you a couple AoOs per combat when people miss you (see Stylish Riposte).
The basic tactic would be to never stop moving, relying on a hit-n-run style instead of full-attacking, and setting up AoOs with your increased reach.

I'd make it a Swashbuckler 7 / Occultist 1 build myself for Bane, better saves, and increased movement speed. But that may not be what you're after.


Now the Bravo has a couple problems. You're forced into taking Slashing Grace since the Dueling Sword isn't a piercing weapon, and it's a 19-20 crit weapon so it's just worse than a rapier or scimitar. And if you've already taken Weapon Focus, why would we want the objectively inferior inevitable Victory deed instead of just taking Dazzling Display ourselves?
Sweeping Wind is also a hit-n-miss since the Swashbuckler doesn't benefit from feinting at all. So you're forced into taking feinting feats just to get something useful out of the deed, but you also lose your swift actions which pretty much every other deed uses.
And while you do lose buckler proficiency, as long as the ACP is 0 there's no penalty to wield it.

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