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So I designed a chess game based sort of loosely after pathfinder. I haven't had a chance to playtest it yet, but I think it will play out more like a fight than chess normally is, and introduces an element of luck to the game. Looking for suggestions/refinements. Here are the rules, followed by stats for each piece. Thanks!

-Attacks may be made into the usual chess piece squares, however you do not automatically move into the space. You must reduce a target to 0hp in order to occupy the space. If you KO a piece, immediately move your piece into that square. If not, the piece loses the appropriate number of hp, but both pieces remain in their current space, and play moves to the other player.

-Hits are automatic

-Armor is Damage Reduction

-Each piece has a special ability, keeping in theme with what it is

-Kings do not have to move out of threatened spaces (though it is still advisable to do so). Kings may castle out of 'check' or move into threatened spaces if desired. There is no checkmate; the game is only over when the King is brought to 0hp.

HP: 5
Armor: 1
Damage: 1d6+2 (Shortsword)
Ability: En Passant
A pawn may perform an "en passant" attack against an enemy pawn, as per the normal chess rules. The pawn deals double damage (2d6+4, guaranteed kill vs enemy pawn) and moves into the appropriate space.

HP: 20
Armor: 5
Damage: 4d8 minus 1d8 per 5 damage taken (Longbows)
Ability: Volley
A rook rolls 4d8 damage initially. This decreases by 1d8 for every increment of 5 damage dealt to the rook (representing archers inside a siege tower). Recovering HP (see Bishop) does not recover damage dice. All rolls must be applied to a single target in a straight line as per normal rook movement.

HP: 15
Armor: 3
Damage: 1d8+3 (Lance, x2 on successful Charge)
Ability: Charge
A knight attacks from reach into the normal squares in chess. When a knight attacks, roll two separate attacks of 1d8+3. If the total of both rolls would reduce the target to 0hp, the target is ko'd and the knight moves into the position. If the total of both dice would not reduce the target to 0hp, only apply the first 1d8+3 damage (take the greater die outcome).

HP: 10
Armor: 2
Damage: 3d6
Ability: Channel Energy (Channel Ray)
A Bishop channels energy in a diagonal ray, affecting the first applicable target in its path. He may choose a single friendly or enemy target, channeling negative energy for 3d6 damage if an enemy, or positive energy healing 3d6 damage if an ally.

HP: 25
Armor: 4
Damage: 1d8+5 (Brilliant Energy Composite Longbow)
The Queen attacks with a bow from range at any target within the usual straight lines a queen could normally attack in chess.
Ability: Armor Piercing Rounds
The Queen's attacks bypass armor.

HP: 25
Armor: 4
Damage: 2d6+5 (Greatsword)
Ability: Castle Defense
The King may castle as per usual chess rules. Doing so permanently grants the King +1 Armor, but only if he is adjacent to a rook.

Looks fun

It'll be a totally different game to chess, since dice.

Also Bishops for the win.

I feel like bishops (and maybe rooks) deal/heal too much damage.

A queen likely can't kill a king who's being healed by a bishop.

I like it. I like it a lot.

I never really liked Chess all that much. This turns it into a utterly brutal slogging match, which instantly makes me happy.

Honestly, you need (or need someone) to playtest it. It'll be hard to tell if you've got the balance you really want without trying it out.

Awesome, thanks for the input. I will definitely try it out when I can get someone to play it with me, but I just wanted to get the idea out there for others to try out, and tweak accordingly :)

Sjark wrote:
Awesome, thanks for the input. I will definitely try it out when I can get someone to play it with me, but I just wanted to get the idea out there for others to try out, and tweak accordingly :)

Excellent. Let us know how it turns out...anybody that tries it. :)

It doesn't look like the bishop can heal himself so going for the bishop first makes sense. as always target the healers first.

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