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Hi there,

Bit of a hike this one.

Activity summary:

- Original order was 8242168 (Age of Ashes 6/6), but never received.
- Replacement of this was authorised by you on order 11333519.
- That replacement has also never been received.
- E-mailed customer service (with detail) on 8 January, no reply.
- E-mailed again last week on 15 January, no reply.
- E-mailing again today as well as posting here.


I can see from tracking (UPSMI link from order history) that neither of the parcels filling order 8242168 or its replacement 11333519 have survived hand-off to USPS. There is no POD in the same fashion as has been seen previously.

The last successful supply was on order 8204931, which shows USPS delivery confirmation.

Is there a reason that USPS wouldn't be able to make delivery of that particular format of parcel to the destination address (business address in Portland, OR.)?

If not, and you elect to re-supply again, maybe include with dispatch of shipment relating to my latest pending subscription order 8830837.

Hoping this method of getting in touch gets a response.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Spaldy,

It looks like a coworker of mine has been helping you through our inbox. Due to a high rate of requests our response times may be elongated from time to time. Thank you for your patience. We'll continue to follow up with you there!

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