Mystic Metamagic Feat


Making a sneaky sorcerer, my character was quite oriented (along with assassination) on meditation, and innerself. Filling up some feats with Ki along with Metamagics, I then decided to add 2 ninja levels to get the Ki Pool.
Really got hyped to find Mystic Metamagic feat that lets you reduce the cost of a metamagic with ki points, but there is still the limit that the effective level of the spell is not actually reduced.
Even if a Quicken 3rd lvl spell cost only a 3rd lvl spellslot with 4 ki points, you must still be able to cast 7th lvl spell.
Is there a way to reduce this or would it break the game?
Kinda miss the Sudden metamagic of 3.5
DM said he would allow it, but with all the feats I already have, would it be worth it?

I loved the Sudden Metamagic feats. Great for making some spells better on the fly, especially if the fight is against something you did not know to prepare for or are not specced for.

As for ki, check out my thread on using a ki pool better. Especially check out Tea of Transference for spell recovery.


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