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For the last 24 hours or so, when editing a Starfinder Society character, clicking the button to set an avatar takes me to an error page (big blue golem).

I am still having that same problem this morning. Just an FYI.

I noticed this problem yesterday around noon, and it's still a problem now.

This still seems to be a problem for me for my characters. Please fix this or at least let us know someone is aware of it and looking into the issue. :(

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Changed my avatar due to my character casting Disguise Self... I didn't know the spell would turn out to be permanent! :P


Still a problem.

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I've just updated the other thread relating to this same issue. I'll repeat what I said there: we are aware this is an issue but have not yet had the bandwidth to resolve it yet. It's on our list for near-term fixes.

I'm going to close out this thread and will have the team post any questions or updates to the other thread so that we can track in one place.

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