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I just started a new campaign and one of my players is a gun chemist with a Musket. I just want to make sure I understand the rate of fire for a musket under this system.

So with rapid reload and black powder, it would be two acts
With rapid reload and paper cartridges, it becomes one act.

So she could fire, Reload and then fire again? Next turn would be Reload, fire, Reload?

That seems to be what the rules would say. I like the RAE when I read it in the book, just trying to make sure I understand how it all works.

Reloading a Musket on its own is a Full-Round Action.
Reloading a Musket with Rapid Reload(Musket) is a Standard Action.
In both cases you would need to load on one turn, then fire on the next, then reload on the turn after that, and so on.
With Rapid Reload(Musket) and an alchemical cartridge, it becomes a Move Action, which means you could load (a Move Action) and fire once (a Standard Action) in the same turn, but you could still not make a Full-Attack.

Oh, RAE means Revised Action Economy. Kinda wish that was written out. I have no idea how that works, sorry.

full round action to reload - 3 acts
standard action to reload with rapid reload - 2 acts
move action to reload a cartridge with rapid reload - 1 act

standard action to fire - 1 act

So yes, with rapid reload and paper cartridges you:

fire - reload - fire
then next round you:
reload - fire - reload

Also you could save yourself a feat and use the Beneficial Bandolier (https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/a-b/bandolier-benefici al/) to reload any firearm as a swift action (1 act)

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That is a super cheap magic item and well very beneficial.

Something to keep in mind, it's called a Bandolier but takes a belt slot (easy to miss). Might want to switch it to a chest slot like a bandolier should be... or keep it in belt slot and remember other useful magic items like to go there too.

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