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So my slayer in a Reign of Winter campaign bit the dust and because he got cocky about being unkillable after the party cleric raised him the last time he died, Torag has refused to raise him again.

As a consequence I have a level 13 fey/elemental crossblooded sorcerer coming into the campaign. With how are GM does starting equipment for new characters at these levels, he has a minor ring of spell storing. My GM thinks this is a good fit for my spell caster but I don't see it.

What could I possibly use this for except to put spell into it and hand it out to party members each day so they could use it. I understand it's a few levels of spells I could put into it for the next day if I don't use all my spells but that seems like fairly limited use. I have a fair number of spell slots and don't think I'll be running out on a regular basis.

I do have the option of selling for half price but am wondering if there are other options to make this more useful for a spontaneous caster. Buying scrolls and putting them into the ring? Seems kinda costly and redundant although it does save on action economy.

Any advice is welcome. Sell? Use for extra slots? Something else?

You might get better mileage with a minor ring of spell storing if you were Wizard instead of a Sorcerer. As a Sorcerer, the only spells you can put into the ring are spells that you can already spontaneously cast. Also you get more spell slots than prepared casters. If you were a Wizard, you could put any spell in you know into the ring, giving you more spells and flexibility.

It is a downtime magic item, a magic item where you need some downtime or days not adventuring to recharge it. Staves are a part of this group. You need some downtime, otherwise recharging it on adventuring days will consume some of your daily spells.

I don't think casting scrolls into the ring is a good use of your scrolls. Scrolls exist to give you more spells per day and backup spells. The ring also reduces the caster level of its stored spells to the minimum caster level needed to cast the spells, so in the long run you would be better off casting the spell yourself than to store it in the ring. That said, some perks are that you don't have to worry about arcane spell failure, material components, or focuses.

It is worth noting that non-spell casting characters could use the ring to cast spells. So you could put an invisibility spell on the ring and give it to your party's Rogue. However, you can also give him a potion of invisibility instead. It would take 60 2nd level potions, or 24 3rd level potions to add up to the cost of the ring.

I think you should sell it. Get some pearls of power instead. They will restore your spell slots (giving you more spells per day) instead of storing spells from another day.

Try talking your GM into giving you a Ring of Spell Knowledge 3 instead. It is significantly cheaper and more beneficial to a spontaneous caster. Alternatively a ring of protection +3 is the same value as the minor ring of spell storing and still desirable to a sorcerer.

If you are truly 'stuck' with the minor ring of spell storing here are a few ideas: Use it to let melee types cast buffs that you can't cast on them. Like if you know 'see invisibility' then you can hand that off to someone that doesn't have a method to sense invisible things. The best thing about using the ring like this is there is no limit to the number of times the ring can cast in a day, other than your ability to charge the ring. So if you know Enlarge Person you can fill the ring with 3 of them and then not wade into melee combat to buff a fighter. That does trade duration for safely but...could be worth it. The life you save would be your own.

Though I think the best use might be in reverse. Instead of charging the ring and handing it off, wouldn't it be better to have other casters charging the ring for your benefit? It is your item, shouldn't the one getting the benefit be you? Being able to cast a healing spell isn't a bad choice. Depending on the situation you could pack a defensive spell you wouldn't normally be able to cast but expect to be useful against a particular opponent.

It is a very useful item. See if someone in the party wants to trade for it. Maybe swap it for an item of equivalent value in the next batch of loot.

Thanks for the replies. I am "stuck" with it. Part of the randomness our GM likes to have in character creation.

I like the idea of See invisibility and Shield which are both spells I picked and are personal so could be useful to some of the other party members.

I'll loan it to our Shaman. I'll use it to bribe my way into the group. She could use both spells.

Why do you assume you fill it?

It is great for getting access to off list spells.

A Page of Spell Knowledge is great for adding to spells known. The Human, Gillman, and Goblin FCBs lets you add spells also.

The Ring of Spell Knowledge is great for using your slots to cast spells from a spellbook.


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