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So one of the great things about Starfinder IMO that makes it stand out in the sci-fi crowd is the strong integration of fantasy elements - widespread magic, active gods (or really, religion in general, given how some science fiction seems to go down the route of "we'll outgrow such superstitions in the future!), other planes of existence, the various magical classes and species...

...And yet there isn't really a book dedicated to the topic, which seems like a pretty big gap in the current Starfinder sourcebook roster. We have Armory and Starship Operations Manual covering the (mostly) technological side of things, maybe it's time for magic to be in the spotlight?

And so much could be done with a book like that!
- More detailed writeups on gods, other faiths and philosophies in the Pact Worlds and beyond
- The role of magic in the far-flung future
- Stuff pertaining to the magic-adjacent classes like mystic, technomancer, solarian and witchwarper
- Maybe even something on the Great Beyond? Surely the planes aren't the same now as they were back in the pre-Gap days.
- And of course, a plethora of magical player options - spells, magic and hybrid items, magical class options (particularly for, but not exclusively, the spellcasters), the sorts.

This is absolutely not at all inspired by the fact that Lost Omens Gods & Magic is coming out on the Pathfinder 2e side of things soon, no, why would you suggest such a thing?

With how far in advance Paizo works, I'm almost certain something like this has at least been on the table for a while, but I want it to be more publicly known that there's non-zero demand for this, and also I'm curious to see what specific things others would want to see in a book like that.

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I mean, I absolutely want one, and have been advocating for "Pact World Gods" pretty much from day one. After all, Inner Sea Gods was my favorite Pathfinder 1e supplement by a long ways.

Oh, it's coming. Probably 2021 even.

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I am for sure on this bandwagon. Giddy up!

My interest in reading detailed write-ups of the "new" gods is matched only by my interest in reading detailed write-ups of what the "old" gods have been up to since the time of Pathfinder :D

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We definitely need to flesh out the planes. The First World could be really interested to flesh out.

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So, combination Gods/Planes book? I could get behind that, Planar Adventures from probably my *second* favorite book. ;)

Count me in the crowd of folk eagerly awaiting such a book! I love the strong fantastical/magical/religious elements in Starfinder, but have yet to really feel the wow factor of the religions presented in Starfinder. Well, except for, like, some of the interesting shifts from the pre-Gap days, like Lao Shu Po (one of my old faves) being so much more prominent and such.

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eh. I'd much rather keep the focus on the mundane. gimme a starship operations manual and a 'Vast Space' book. Or Armory 2.

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I'd also like a mysticism book, but it really needs to reflect the changing tune of the setting. Moving away from the DnD/Pathfinder traditions of magic and cosmology is going to do a lot more for Starfinder, I think.

I want strange new philosophies, entire schools of magical sciences, whole new lenses by which to interpret the already established cosmology. We've been trained to expect certain things of a setting derived from the DnD lineage, but it really is more like looking at a picture of a rabbit and only seeing a duck because that's what we've been told is there.

Granted, I'm also the guy that enjoys playing an altruistic prophet of the inevitable heat-death of the universe who views 'gods' in much the same way as black holes.

I would like a book on Mysticism as well. But I'd also like a book on time travel.

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