Rise of the Runelords, end of book 2, looking for replacement Mage!


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Ah, damn, I don't know what happened. Thank you, Mr Hebeme.

I'll link it again here so it's in my posts.

Lyximandros Cheng Throttlespan

A few quick questions.

1) Are you using hero points? If not I won't take the spells associated with them.

2) Could I have purchased pathfinder chronicles? Not a member of the Society, but they seem very appropriate for a bookworm type character to try to get a hold of.

3) You said no crafting, but half price self crafting of a wizard's bonded item is kind of integral. Can I still do that?

4) You said little opportunity to craft. Mostly going with treasure found. No problem with that. Will there be opportunities to have someone upgrade items? I would want my headband and belt to keep getting better.

Liberty's Edge

Dotting, Thinking about a Sword Binder wizard historian who specializes in buffs debuffs and knowledge/divination

Also Just to clarify are submissions closing tonight at midnight or tomorrow?

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@Jereru thanks for the update, and I'll make sure to take a look at it.

1) No we're not using hero points
2) I think that's fine to a certain extent. Later in the campaign I do interpret the landscape to be fairly undocumented, with exception to Shoanti tribes and intelligent 'monsters'.
3) Limited crafting. I'll try to give you some time, but crafting builds are going to have difficulties. There is a lot of travel, so we might be able to find a way for you to craft while bushwhacking.
4) Yes, I'll make sure there's room for upgrades. I can think of a few opportunities right off the top of my head.

@Joker27 Tomorrow. I live in Western Canada, so it may look like Saturday for some of our Easterners.

I understand about the crafting limitations. There's a rule that says you can get partial work while traveling/adventuring - 4 hours of broken-up work on the road equals 2 hours of work completed:

PRD wrote:

The caster can work for up to 8 hours each day. He cannot rush the process by working longer each day, but the days need not be consecutive, and the caster can use the rest of his time as he sees fit. If the caster is out adventuring, he can devote 4 hours each day to item creation, although he nets only 2 hours’ worth of work. This time is not spent in one continuous period, but rather during lunch, morning preparation, and during watches at night. If time is dedicated to creation, it must be spent in uninterrupted 4-hour blocks. This work is generally done in a controlled environment, where distractions are at a minimum, such as a laboratory or shrine. Work that is performed in a distracting or dangerous environment nets only half the amount of progress (just as with the adventuring caster).

Also I understand if you don't want to pick me, TreasureFox, because of my abominable bad luck with dice rolls, as seen over in one of your other games. :)

Here is a first pass at Gruingar de'Morcaine. An arcanist specializing in the shapechange sub-school of magic.

I could use some help on at least a couple of points.
First, I don't know where you are at, where you've been, or where that is in relation to Vudran. So I could use a couple of logical city names for the travel.
Second, I don't know if a recruitment letter is appropriate for the group or story line. If selected, I will of course, read the whole game thread to find out what has happened. If not selected, I don't want ruin the plot for future opportunities. So if a letter is not the right thing, just point me to something that works better. Whatever the intro method, this is a due that is frenetically desperate to join any venture no matter how risky to learn more about Thassilonian transmutation magics.

creamy bits:

{sigh} Yes Father, I am aware it is a long ways away. I reached my majority years ago. I am perfectly capable of traveling on my own.
wa wah wa wa wah!
{exasperated sigh} No I never have been there before. That is the whole point of traveling. To go someplace new and learn things that are different from at home.
wa wa wah wa wah wah?
Slightly furtive wheedling tone. How could it be dangerous Mother? I'm just going to be looking at the records of an old dead nation. What could be risky about reading musty old tomes?
Wah wha wan wah wan...
{aggravated sigh} Think Father. This is exactly what you and Elder Mitrios have been telling me to do. Telling all of us to do! "The goal of life is self improvement." That's what you said. I am using my permutative and metamorphic magics to alter myself as needed to gain the capabilities advantageous toward completing the tasks laid before me. I'm using my magics to improve myself. Just like you said!
Wan wah wha wa!
{indignant tone} Doesn't really matter if you didn't want me to take it that way. That's what it means. I'm doing this. With or without your approval.

Reply letter to XXXX, I got your note. Of course I'm interested! You know I've always been intrigued by the Thassilonian reformulaic magics. Their understanding far surpasses anything I've been able to study here in Vudran. I am eager to join you. No I MUST join you.I have located one who can teleport me to the closest Avistani port of YYYY. If I can't locate someone to teleport me the rest of the way, I will book passage on the swiftest ship I can find. I go to pack now. It should only be a matter of days until I arrive. Please don't give my spot to anyone else!

Gruingar (friends call him Shifter) is an intelligent and driven young man. Usually thinking about  his latest arcane theories, possible unique applications of standard magics, and/or critiquing his previous brawl; rather than paying attention to what is happening around him. He is fairly easy to talk into what ever escapade his associates  are currently attempting. Though when he gets an idea into his head, it is sometimes fairly difficult to dislodge. He is always eager (sometimes stupidly so) to learn anything relating to polymorphic magics.
While technically quite capable both in magical or physical combat, almost all of his training has been by tutors provided by his moderately affluent family. Also, though he has been in quite a few 'scuffles' while guarding the clan caravans on some of the more risky routes, he has never really been put 'in-charge' of anything and this is really his first time out on his own.So his capabilities are well above most anyone in his home town, he has comparatively little 'real world' experience. Leading to possibly dangerous level of overconfidence in his ability to overcome any obstacle.

crunchy bits:

Gruingar (Shifter) de'Morcaine
Human (Vudrani) arcanist (brown-fur transmuter) 5/bloodrager 1/sorcerer 1/transmuter (shapechange[APG]) (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 8, 15, 77, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 147, Pathfinder RPG Adventurer's Guide 63)
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +9 (+11 vs. magic traps)
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10 (+3 Dex)
hp 66 (8 HD; 7d6+1d10+24)
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +9; +4 competence bonus vs. mind-affecting effects
Defensive Abilities fated (+1)
Speed 40 ft.
Melee mwk cold iron scizore +6 (1d10+2) or
. . mwk silver cestus +6 (1d4+2/19-20) or
. . gore +6 (1d6+4)
Ranged greenwood composite longbow +7 (1d8+2/×3)
Special Attacks arcane reservoir (3/8), arcanist exploits (bloodline development[ACG], school understanding[ACG]), battleshaping, bloodrage (7 rounds/day), consume spells
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +6)
. . 3/day—mage hand
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration -1)
. . 3/day—touch of destiny (+3)
Oracle Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +6)
. . At will—orison
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration -1)
. . 1st (3/day)—alarm, endure elements, true strike
. . 0 (at will)—acid splash, jolt[UM], ray of frost, spark[APG] (DC 10)
. . Bloodline Destined, Destined
Arcanist (Brown-Fur Transmuter) Spells Prepared (CL 7th; concentration +10)
. . 2nd (4/day)—fleshcurdle (DC 18), pyrotechnics (DC 18)
. . 1st (6/day)—liberating command[UC], obscuring mist, shield, snapdragon fireworks[UM] (DC 17)
. . 0 (at will)—dancing lights, detect poison, ghost sound (DC 15), prestidigitation, read magic, touch of fatigue (DC 15)
Transmuter Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4)
. . 1st—crafter's fortune[APG] (DC 17), identify, polypurpose panacea[UM] (2), unseen servant
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, disrupt undead, message
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 21, Wis 10, Cha 11
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Combat Casting, Eschew Materials, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (transmutation), Varisian Tattoo[ISWG]
Traits magical knack, scholar of the ancients
Skills Acrobatics +14 (+18 to jump), Appraise +7, Climb +6, Craft (calligraphy) +11, Diplomacy +0 (+2 vs. geniekind), Disguise +1, Fly +7, Handle Animal +4, Heal -2, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (arcana) +15 (+17 to understand the nature and ways of dragons), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +9 (+11 while navigate dungeons beneath the Cairnlands' siege castles, +11 to navigate the tunnels of the Darklands and identify Darklands natives), Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (geography) +8 (+10 to navigate the City of Brass and surrounding areas, +10 to navigate the tunnels of the Darklands and identify Darklands natives), Knowledge (history) +15 (+17 vs. Azlant, +17 to learn about Thassilonian artifacts), Knowledge (local) +8 (+10 to identify drow and their customs, weaknesses, and tactics), Knowledge (nature) +8, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Knowledge (planes) +9 (+11 vs. geniekind, +11 to identify demons and other outsiders native to the Abyss), Knowledge (religion) +8, Linguistics +8 (+10 to learn about Azlanti sentence construction and idioms), Lore (Thassalon) +14, Perception +9 (+11 vs. magic traps), Ride +7, Sense Motive -2 (+0 to distinguish between true statements and exaggeration regarding esoteric topics), Sleight of Hand +4, Spellcraft +14, Survival +2 (+4 to navigate Jungles of Mwangi Expanse, +4 to notice and follow tracks in Arctic environments), Swim +6, Use Magic Device +11
Languages Aboleth, Ancient Osiriani, Azlanti, Common, Jistka, Samsaran, Shory, Thassilonian, Undercommon, Vudrani
SQ arcane bond (+1 amulet of mighty fists), bloodline arcana (gain luck bonus on saves when casting personal-range spells), destined strike +3, fast movement, fated bloodrager +1, mystery (heavens), oracle's curse (shattered psyche), physical enhancement (+2), powerful change +2, revelation (coat of many stars)
Combat Gear potion of cure moderate wounds, wand of infernal healing (50 charges), acid (2), alchemical grease[APG] (2), alchemist's fire (2), antiplague[APG] (2), antitoxin (2), black powder reagent (2), bone burn (2), flash powder[APG] (2), itching powder[UE] (2), liquid ice[APG] (2), reagent, brimstone (2), reagent, cold iron (2), reagent, darkwood (2), reagent, dew of lunary (2), reagent, ginger extract (5), reagent, magnesium (5), reagent, mugwort extract (2), reagent, myrrh (2), reagent, phosphorus (2), reagent, salt (2), reagent, saltpeter (2), reagent, spirit of wine (2), reagent, urea (2), smokestick (2), tanglefoot bag (2), thunderstone (2); Other Gear greenwood composite longbow (+2 Str), mwk cold iron scizore[UC], mwk silver cestus[APG], +1 amulet of mighty fists, belt of physical might +2 (Dex, Con), cloak of resistance +1, handy haversack, shifter's headband (+2 int)[UE], sleeves of many garments[UE], traveler's any-tool[UE], arcanist 1st book, ink, inkpen, masterwork calligraphy tools, paper (13), pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicle[ISWG], pathfinder chronicles, volume 1, pathfinder chronicles, volume 11, pathfinder chronicles, volume 14, pathfinder chronicles, volume 2, pathfinder chronicles, volume 27, pathfinder chronicles, volume 44, scroll box[UE], trail rations (7), waterskin (2), wizard spellbook, 322 pp, 9 gp, 3 sp
Special Abilities
Arcane Bond (+1 amulet of mighty fists) (1/day) (Sp) Use object to cast any spell in your spellbook. Without it, Concentration required to cast spells (DC20 + spell level).
Arcane Reservoir +1 DC or CL (8/day) (Su) Pool of points fuel exploits, or can expend to add +1 CL or DC while cast spell.
Battleshaping +1 (8/day) (Su) As a swift action, gain bite, claw, or gore attack for 1 rd with enhancement bonus based on level.
Bloodline Arcana: Destined (Ex) When you cast a Personal spell, gain a save bonus of its level for 1 round.
Bloodline Development Use 1 reservoir as a swift action to treat bloodline ability at full level for 1 rds.
Bloodrage (7 rounds/day) (Su) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Coat of Many Stars +4 (2 hours/day) (Ex) +4 AC.
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Consume Spells (1/day) (Su) As a move action, expend a spell slot to add its spell levels to arcane reservoir.
Destined Strike +3 (3/day) (Su) As a free action, gain insight bonus to one melee attack.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Fated +1 (Su) You gain +1 on saves you are unaware of or when surprised.
Fated Bloodrager +1 (Sp) Gain luck bonus to AC and saving throws when raging
Greed (Shapechange) Associated School: Transmutation
Orison (Guidance, At will) (Sp) Cast selected orison at will.
Physical Enhancement +2 (Strength) (Su) When preparing spells, chosen physical attribute gains enhancement bonus.
Powerful Change +2 (Su) Spend 1 reservoir point to bolster ability score gain from transmutation spell.
School Understanding Use 1 reservoir as a swift action to treat school ability at full level & gain other ability for 1 rds.
Shattered Psyche Your mind is crowded with dozens of voices, fragmented snippets of your past lives. You take a -2 penalty on all Intelligence-based skill checks, Wisdom-based skill checks, and concentration checks. You gain a +4 competence bonus on saving throws mad
Spell Focus (Transmutation) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Touch of Destiny +3 (3/day) (Sp) As a standard action, touch grants +3 insight bonus to most rolls for 1 rd.
Varisian Tattoo (Transmutation) Spells from chosen school gain +1 caster level.

won't let me add more to previous post

Thematically - Gruingar is going for magics that can change him to have whatever powers he needs at any given time. That is the 'true art' of spell casting. He realizes that isn't always possible and sometimes you just have to blow things up. However, it is the goal.

Mechanically - Gruingar is 1 level of bloodrager, 1 of wizard, 1 of sorcerer, and 5 or arcanist. Not sure of keeping with that or not. The school understanding and bloodline development exploits give me a whole lot of goodies with those 2 single level dips in just a few levels. But it is also losing 2 levels of spell casting might. Just can't decide. Maybe I should save those dips for character levels 10 and 11.

I haven't spent all his gold. A fair amount will probably go toward expanding his spell book.

I would appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide on the build, background, and/or personality.

For Orin've the Sage his true weakness is a desire for knowledge.

He of course was present during the initial assault by the goblins but was in a different location than the others and did not get any accolades. Then after a conversation with Brodert, he traveled with a pair of dwarves to check out another Thassilonian ruin south of the Devil's Platter. There they encountered undead and located an entrance into a complex of underground rooms and caves. As they were returning and reached the road, the dwarves went south toward Magnimar as Orin've went back north to Sandpoint.

Liberty's Edge

Just Finished up Leuric https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=2108312 Not quite finished on lore but basic Gyst is he was born to a noble merchant family in Sandport he took over the business at a young age and learned not just to haggle but also many languages and some magic from outlanders, learning distant styles. He picked up an eclectic mix of magics but sought to learn more so he ventured to see what he could learn in the less tamed lands. where he found information on dead lands and on monsters.

Here is mine to consider:

Pélipé Freeland

https://docs.google.com/document/d/13f8KtbPoVw57X7w3cW76EVJpQg-1K0Wi0jnewWi -KOc/edit?usp=sharing

This link keeps trying to put a space between newWi and -KOc. Just delete the space and it will work

Gruingar de'Morcaine wrote:

Mechanically - Gruingar is 1 level of bloodrager, 1 of wizard, 1 of sorcerer, and 5 or arcanist. Not sure of keeping with that or not. The school understanding and bloodline development exploits give me a whole lot of goodies with those 2 single level dips in just a few levels. But it is also losing 2 levels of spell casting might. Just can't decide. Maybe I should save those dips for character levels 10 and 11.

I've decide it makes more sense, character development wise, to take those dips at levels 10 and 11 after he gets the chance to begin studying at least some of the Thassilonian magics.


Born as the youngest son in a well-off merchant house in Korvosa, Scipio's talent in magic revealed itself early, and after a spoilt childhood of tutors and teachers, he found himself a student of the Acadamae in Korvosa. Upon finding himself surrounded not by doting tutors, but by rival apprentices from all around the world, the naturally lazy teenager's initial illusions about his own skill were quickly dispelled.

But no merchant son's easily outwitted, and instead of focusing on the traditional skills of conjuration taught at the Acadamae, Scipio's interest focused on the more uncommon and underhanded uses of magic. Just barely passing through the 'prestigious' summoning classes, Scipio's interests lay with folks' tales, gnomish magic and other, less mainstream arcane pursuits. Finding himself in the confortable, but hardly enviable position as favoured student of Professor Aridescu, the Head of Illusion, Scipio found more time for his other pursuits, namely wine, women and tall tales, using his skill at disappearing and deception to outright copy and steal other students' courseworks, scrolls, and copying spells off their spellbooks in the night, often distributing them amongst less adept students. Whether to widen the list of possible suspects or to help his fellow man, nobody but Scipio knows, and he's not telling.

Using his natural charm and sociability to eventually graduate and become an Assistant Professor of Illusion, in the hopes of a cushy life, filled with trivial and worldly pursuits. A position he began regretting as soon as he obtained, however, due to the Headmaster's autocratic grasp of the Acadamae.

A few ill-timed comments and acerbic jests at the university led to the Assistant Professor of Conjuration, Merria Itabari, a stern loyalist to the headmaster, to begin an academic grudge towards not only Scipio, but the students choosing to specialise in Illusion. The prideful man refused to back down, fighting back with underhanded and humiliating tactics, up to and including disguising himself as Merria and convincing a first-year class to practice imp summoning in the conjurer's own teaching room. The 'Assistant Professor War' officially ended with said act, chosen as a final strike before him handing in his resignation on the aforementioned high note, but a scorned devil summoner's vengeance can come at any time.

Scipio's currently in Magnimar to get away from a semi-hostile magical college, and to apply for a vocation at the Stone of the Seers, the Magnimaran magical academy. Given their propensity for types of magic he's less experienced, however, his hopes aren't too high.

Scipio in 'action':

The handsome figure of Professor Totti stood in front of the young students. Raising a hand in the air, his loud, clear voice began echoing. "Good morning, everyone! It'll be a busy one today, so please hold your questions until the end, and please, consult your notes.", his hands clapped together in a theatrical motion. "Now! Illusion! If you excuse my biased position, the most wonderous of all Schools of Magic, and the one most often ostracised. Some fear it, some cast it aside as immaterial...", the voice continued onto a beginner's lecture, the starry-eyed students soaking in the jubilant professor's enthusiastic lecture with gusto.

A chair in the back creaked, seemingly prompted by nothing. And some use it to skip on their own lectures., Scipio thought, rubbing a hand through his hungover eyes.

A familiar scene:

The pouring rain and the scribbling of quill-tip on ink was the only sound in the quiet office. The small room, barely qualifying as a study, was covered wall to wall with aging bookshelves, dried reagents and the smell of old paper. Through the window one could peer at the courtyard of the Acadamae of Korvosa, rows of students of various ages practicing the drawing of ritual circles, scorching the grounds with evocation magic, or struggling to contain an extraplanary entity with their magic. Scipio, sitting comfortably in a worn couch, glanced outside to a group of teenagers in uniforms, soaked through to their bones, struggling to light a bale of hay on fire. His gaze hesitated on a moment on the lanky half-elven boy currently attempting magic and his hand gestures, then turned back towards the similarly soaked instructor. Professor Scipio Totti.

Somatic components need more work. And the rain doesn't help, but I'm not letting him know that. Concentrating in his mind, the outside Scipio stopped watching, pulled an arm from under his cloak, and began speaking to the crowds. "Oh, this takes me back.", Scipio chuckled as he glanced down at the book in his lap. The scribbling from the desk stopped, and a small dragon the size of a gecko perched up, its ink-covered golden scales glinting in the light of the fireplace. "What does?", it hissed, raising a head from a stack of submission papers, before flapping a set of tiny wings to glance through the window, sighing in exasperation. "To my hard work back in the day. At least now I get to get away with it.", the man replied, reaching for a cup of warm coffee on his side, and readjusting in the comfortable chair.

The dragon hissed sardonically, before nodding its head toward the paper-laden desk. "I'd double check if I were you.", the wyrmling whispered before digging once again in the papers. Scipio stood up quickly, glancing at a hooded figure approaching his illusion outside. The familiar broad sight of Gatrik Oben, the abjurer. Oh, Hells. The half-orc's wide smile looked past the group in the courtyard, before raising two fingers in the air towards Scipio's office. Sighing in surrender, Scipio hung his head, before heavily crashing back down in the sofa. The illusion in the courtyard nodded at the half-orc, before returning to the lecture.

"Calibris,", Scipio turned towards the smugly grinning wyrmling at the desk. "Pen down my attendance for the two morning lectures on Sunday. And put a reminder to get back at Prof. Oben."


Scipio is a rather handsome man in his early thirties, of visibly Varisian and Chelish descent. His skin is rather pale, indication of his preference of staying as far away as possible from physical labour, the sun, and rough living. Usually dressed in a well-tailored and fashionable suit, with the telltale clerk elbow patches clearly absent, he exudes an aura of competence and culture. A small golden-brass wyrmling with ink-stained claws and intelligent expression usually rides on his shoulder, and in the rare events it doesn't, a well-engraved golden pen shines in his coat pocket.


Scipio is a personable individual, with the fact that he's been in a position of a tutor for a significant period of his life notable by his quiet competence and proudly worn expertise in the fields of history and magic. While once he might've been called arrogant often, the years surrounded by mages with powers and aptitudes higher than his has knocked it down a notch. A more abrasive trait, thought, could be considered his academic-brand laziness. Happy to avoid or pass along boring or unimportant labour at the earliest opportunity, or find an easier way to do repetitive tasks (or, often, pass them along to his familiar, Calibris), it can often be slight grating to companions of different descent.

Finally, notes about the build. I've been pondering as to which way to take it, and the temptation of optimisation did shine a couple of times, until I thought 'hell, I'm playing a wizard. There's no way to go wrong about it.', and decide to go for the challenge of an illusionist, which can be excellent RP opportunity in PbP! In terms of spells, he'll mostly be focused on buffing, debuffing and debilitating, with a SoD spell or two saved for the direst of emergencies or the greatest of opportunities. After all, why do things yourself when you can help others help themselves! In terms of social ability, I'm considering grabbing a few Diplomacy and Bluff abilities to indicate his skill in teaching and an illusionist's ability to bend the truth.

I can get the actual build up in a day or two, if need be, GM!

@Kiera thank you. I knew there was some rule along those lines, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was. You do have horrible luck, but I don't consider that a factor in this process.

@Gruingar So Vudra... That's insanely far away. That's probably 5+ thousand miles away by ship. If you took the fastest ship available, it would take at least 2 and a half months without pit stops, and would cost 250gp (5cp/mile). You could make the trip on land, but then you'd have to brave harsh terrain such as mountains and deserts. While Vudran scholars would likely know that Varisia exists, [u]I'm skeptical they would know about ancient Thassilon.[/u]
There is an island a little bit closer that is predominantly Vudrani. It's called the isle of Jalmeray. While still a long ways, at least it's on the Inner Sea map.
If you're travelling by sea, I recommend the following places to make port: The isle of Jalmeray, Katapesh, Absolom, Ostenso, Corentyn, Kintargo, and finally Magnimar.
I'm sorry if that's a bit harsh, but the logistics aren't exactly in your favour. There are other human ethnicities that would be more appropriate. Varisians are the easiest pick, but Chelaxians, and Shoanti are strong contenders too. I could see good arguments for Taldane and Ulfen as well.
As for the intro and letter, it's within reason. I think Brodert Quink of Sandpoint would be your best bet for a contact.

@Scipio I'm glad to see that you've submitted a character, Tasha. I'll be interested in reading what you've come up with. I think you're provided enough for me to have a decent understanding of what you want to bring to the 'table'.

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We're going to start closing recruitment now. Please do not submit any new characters, as we've got a ton of applicants.

If you'd like to make some changes to your character that you've already submitted, feel free to do so. Let me know what you change, because I may have already looked through your character.

You can make changes for the next 7 hours. After that, recruitment is 100% closed.

I'll do my best to post the results within 24 hours of recruitment being completely closed. Thanks for your patience and good luck.

"OMG if he's thinking a Vudrani comes from too far away, let's see what he says when he realises my pc comes from Tian Xia LOL"

I finally carved out the time to do this, and you're closing it on me... Heck, I'm posting it anyway...

Kamikh Nightgazer


½ Orc (Sacred Tattoos, Fey Thoughts : perception, stealth).
Witch – Scarred Witch Doctor (7), Stargazer of Pulura (1)
Init +2 = +2 (Dex)
Speed 30 ft
Dark Vision 60 ft

AC : 14 = 10+2 (dex)+1 (armor)+1 (shield)
HP: 54 = 3*6+5*4+8*2 (con)
Fort + 8 = +2 (Con) + 2(witch 7) +2 (luck) +2 resistance
Ref + 9 = + 2 (Dex) +2 (luck) + 2 (Witch 7) +1 (Stargazer 1) +2 resistance
Will + 12 = +1 (Wis) + 6(Witch 7) +2 (luck) + 1 (Stargazer 1) +2 resistance
CMD : 16 = 10 +4 (BAB) +2 (dex)


Melee: Morningstar +3, 1d8-1, Cestus +3,1d4-1
Ranged: Light Crosssbow +6,1d8
BAB : +4
CMB : +3 = +4 (BAB)-1 (str)

Spells Prepared

L0 (DC 17, unlimited): Message, Detect Magic, Stabilize, Guidance

L1 (DC 18, 4+1 /day) :

L2 (DC 19, 3+1/day) :

L3 (DC 20, 3+1/day) :

L4 (DC 21, 2+1/day) :

L0 : All
L1 : Animal Purpose Training, Ill Omen, Mage Armour, Enlarge Person, Sleep, Mudball, Ear Piercing Scream, Ventriloquism (Patron), Frostbite, Identify Adhesive Spittle
L2 : Glitterdust, Blood Transcription, Silence (Patron), False Life Symbol of Mirroring
L3 : Thorny Entanglement, Swarm of Fangs, Haste (Patron), Debilitating Pain, Barrow Haze
L4 : Summon Monster IV, Enervation, Threefold Aspect (Patron), Greater Aggressive Thundercloud, Symbol of Laughter

Str 8 = 8 (-2 pts)
Dex 14 = 14 (5 pts)
Con 14 = 14 (5 pts)
Int 22 = 16 (10 pts) + 2 Racial (1/2 Orc) +2 (lvl 4 & 8)+2 Enhancement
Wis 12 = 12 (2 pts)
Cha 10 = 10 (0 pts)

Feats : Scribe Scroll (lvl 1), Accursed Hex (lvl 3), Amplified Hex (lvl 5) , Ritual Hex (lvl 7),

Racial: Darkvision 60’, Sacred Tattoos, Fey Thoughts, Intimidating, Orc Blood

Traits: Outlander (Loreseeker, Ear Piercing Scream, Greater Aggressive Thundercloud, Glitterdust) (RotR Campaign Trait), Fate’s Favored (Faith)

Skills (2+5(int) /lvl , +7 FCB)) (Ranks, skill roll. NOT INCLUDING ACP)
Spellcraft (8, +), K(arcane) (8, +), K History (8, +), Perception(8, +), Ride (8, +3), Initimidate (8, +10), Use Magic Device (8, +8), Survival (3, +7) , Stealth (4, +9)
+ K Planes (8, +*) from headband
Background Skills (2/lvl)
Handle Animal (8, ), K Geography (5, + ), Linguistics (3, )

Languages : Common, Orc, Giant, Draconic, Goblin, Abyssal, Thassilonian, Terran, Celestial

Special Abilities : Hexes, Fierce Intelligence (effective +2 to Int for magic purposes), Fetish Mask, Patron (Time), Guiding Light (familiar, lvl 1)

Hexes (and replacements)
Scarshield (Witch 1st) [+4 Natural Armor, 8 minutes]
Slumber (Witch 2nd)
Evil Eye (Witch 4th)
Heaven’s Leap (Stargazer 1st)
Flight (Witch 6th)


I will need to discuss familiars with GM Treasurefox. Being 7 levels behind (it’s from the level in Stargazer), it needs to hide in his pocket all the time at best… I would like to know how comfortable you are with a valet familiar or a Figment & Sage familiar.


Headband of Vast Intelligence – K History (4000 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000 gp)
Cackling Hag’s Blouse (6000 gp)
Mirror of Guarding Reflections (7000 gp)
Mithril Buckler (1005 gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds, 50 charges (750 gp)
Wand of Mage Armor, 21 charges (315 gp)
Wand of Shield, 11 charges (165 gp)
Wand of Protection from Evil, 18 charges (270 gp)
Metamagic Rod of Reach (lesser) 3000 gp
Potion, Touch of the Sea 50 gp

Weapons : (139 gp)
Morningstar, Cestus (5 gp), Do it all knife (Cold Iron Sawback Kunai) (9 gp), Light Crossbow (35 gp), 20 bolts (2 gp), 4 flasks Alchemist’s Fire (80 gp)

Armor (3 gp): Haramaki (3gp)

Equipment (891 gp) :
Fetish Mask, Masterwork Backpack (50 gp), Bandoliers (1 gp), String 50 ft (1 sp) , trail rations 1 day (0.5gp), belt pouch(1 gp), chalk (1 cp), flint and steel (1 gp) , waterskin (1 gp), 49 gp in assorted coinage.
On Mount : Giant Frilled Lizard (550 gp), Oilcloth Caparison (2 gp), 10 days Horse feed (1 gp), Trail Rations, 9 days (4.5 gp), bedroll (1sp), blanket (5sp), hammock (1sp), a second Waterskin (1 gp) 100 ft hemp rope (2gp), mess kit (2 sp), Large Tent (30 gp), Inkpen (1 sp), Ink (8 gp), Journal (10 gp, for notes), 6 Bear Traps ( 12 gp) Saddlebags (4 gp), Bit and Bridle (2 gp), Harness (2gp), Exotic Military Saddle (60 gp), Masterwork Flying Straps (80 gp) Studded Leather Barding (100 gp), 3 Glass bottles (6 gp)

Business (Sandpoint) :
Rooms :Scriptorium
Teams : Apprentice


A ½ orc from Magnimar, Khamik was raised in the cult of the Empyreal Lords by his parents (Graban and Kellis). He has accepted this faith, but has a favourite among the Empyreals: Pulura. He is fascinated by the beauty of the stars and the northern lights, which is where gained his cognomen (Nightgazer). Raised in the city by his parents, he was given a sacred tattoo by his grandmother (sacred Tattoo racial trait), who was also the one who trained his talent for tribal witchery.

He ambitious: he thinks witchery should be as respected as wizardry, and wants to start his own tradition based in scholarship and research. He sees the wilder parts of Varisia as an opportunity to escape the social structure (prejudice) that holds down both witchcraft and half-orcs.

He has a great interest in history (this is where his Time patron came from), and is acquainted with the legends of Thassilon. They have been of great interest to him, and he is well acquainted (13 years of correspondence) with Brodert. He has gained his experience exploring Thassilonian ruins near Magnimar, and has had several close calls (which only luck got him out of) because of a lack of reliable, competent companions. When Brodert mentioned in a letter that there was a group of adventurers probing into mysteries of Thassilon, based in Sandpoint, Khamik decided if he was serious, he simpy had to join them… He sold his businesses in Magnimar, and came north to Sandpoint Waiting for the adventurers to return, he has set up a small business, a scriptorium, with his apprentice running things in his absence.

5’ 6”, 206 lbs (heavyset like an orc, but runty by orc standards), pale gray-green skin ( you would think he’s no outdoorsman), with dark brown eyes under heavy brows. Clean shaven with a black brush cut – that is just starting to go steel grey (he is . Has 2 small tusks. Outspoken, argues points loudly. He is almost never seen without his mask. That, his glare and exotic scars are menacing to the point of caricature. His perspective is strange, call it chaotic with a lawful bent: he generally is unwilling to break the law in a settlement; rather he seeks social spaces where he can set the rules... Shockingly educated for a ½ orc, he can often be found with his nose in a book.

TreasureFox, are you wanting the full build...or just the general idea? I was not planning on digging into the time it takes for the build unless approved.

Good luck all!

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Good luck everyone!

@Jereru O_O well I look forward to reading that story

@pad300 Right I totally forgot. Oh well, you were only a few minutes behind. I'll put you on the list

@Mittean I do not need the full build. It's nice to see exactly what's planned, but I don't mind. As long as I have a good idea of what your character could do, that's fine. For example: I'd like to know if you're a divinationist who's peering into the far future, or if your strength score is higher than your intelligence. I'd like to know your specialties. These can be done without providing an entire character sheet. Hope that helps clear things up

TreasureFox wrote:

@pad300 Right I totally forgot. Oh well, you were only a few minutes behind. I'll put you on the list

Thank you for the consideration.

Incidentally, everyone, TreasureFox is a really good and really consistent DM, one of you is in for a treat!

Thanks for consideration and good luck all.

I think there was enough in my post to give you good idea of what I was going for with Valuk both mechanically and as an archeologist dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

One relatively minor question (with no bearing on the mechanics of how the character would function), would Artistry (Archeology) or would profession (Archeology) be more appropriate (i.e. is it a job with wages, or do you recreate a restored piece of art)? Whichever is more appropriate, I will split ranks between it and profession librarian.

I had intentionally left Valuk’s recent history vague since it needs to be developed to fit why he is joining the story now. One possible hook would be that he was translating runes in Heidmarch manner in Magnimar, when an contact’s relative was murdered. He started looking into it and quickly gets over his head, luckily…

As far as style, I’ve wrote a sample to give an idea of how he’d introduce himself, if its helpful.

Sample Introduction:

Valuk looks on in awe at arriving in the ancient rune of Jormunden. All these years, right under our noses. Who knows what we’ll uncover! As he waits for his fellow agents to finish assembling, he pulls out and peruses a few pathfinder chronicles, cross referencing any accounts referring to the sky citadels, ancient dwarven architecture, or artifacts of that bygone era. Eventually Venture Captain Zey gives his lengthy briefing, detailing the logistics, but for Valuk the pertinent details are they are to explore forges in the armory district. This is exciting because any magical arms of armor that were in progress, and the process by which they were constructed could still be there!

'They' are a team of assembled pathfinders. He lets the others introduce themselves, going last:

Erik the red, who clearly got that name years ago, as it no longer seems to apply, but with an axe and muscles that demand some attention.
Aleece, a devotee of Sarenrae, who should help with restorations if they come across anything dangerous, be it a guardian golem defending the forges, or a haunt.
Pittin Galcan, an rogue with a real talent for spotting pitfalls and disabling any safeguards they may find in the tomb.

He may be the most seasoned archeologist in the group, but leadership was wise to put others with more skill with blades in the same group. He introduces himself, ”Greetings! As the venture captain said, time is of the essence, so I’ll be brief. I’m Valuk, one of the preeminent scholars in the society, having dedicated my life to the pursuit of knowledge. I can’t bring an axe down any foes we find, or sink a dagger in their back, but I can identifying the nature behind each threat we find. I can also help your weapon find its mark by either making you vanish, making you faster, or just inspiring your innate courage.

@Kiera hahahahaha... consistent, right.
In all seriousness, thank you. I really appreciate when my love for this game is recognized, and enjoyed.

@David I see a good argument for either, but I recommend Profession. If we were to end up in a situation where Artistry (Archaeology) was preferred, I'd probably treat your profession skill as if it were artistry.
Yes it will take a little bit of finagling in order to get pretty much any of the characters introduced into the party. Off the top of my head, I think investigating murders (or actually, currently disappearances. No worries) is a good direction to go. Since you were originally a Razmiran, a fascination/liberation of cults (such as the cult of Norgorber) could work.

I guess I should talk a little about Kiera's chosen trajectory of character development, should she wind up in the team.

Kiera always saw herself as just a fortunate scholar of history and arcane mysteries. When she was dragged into the horrible attack on the day of the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint, she put her skills to good use, and slowly realized that perhaps her magical abilities were more than just a point of academia. She also earned a lot more money than she ever expected! Enough that she started to think about her place in the community as a figure who could really contribute - rebuilding the Old Light as something new and inspirational, and also funding her wish to go sailing and enjoy the coastline in a boat. I'M ON A BOAT, Y'ALL

As Kiera gains levels, this will affect her characterization thusly:
* She will grow increasingly confident in her magical and academic abilities.
* She will develop skills to make magical items and hone her understanding of them - especially wands and staves much later in her career. (She's eventually poised to take the staff-like wand arcane discovery, which pays huge dividends when you use low-level wands to great effect with spells like haste or even magic missile.)
* She will start to unearth how Sin magic works and notice that there's a significant gap in their magical theory, which (being an exploiter wizard) she will exploit, by using a feat to gain some of the abilities of a diviner (a school of magic not represented in Sin magic). She will theorize that the lack of powerful divination magic was part of the downfall of the Runelords - they didn't see the end coming!
* She will continue to pursue her hobby of boating. She jokingly refers to herself as the "river-pirate mage of Sandpoint." In truth she is soft-hearted and simply plays to the image for amusement value.
* At 20th level (which the campaign won't reach) she's slated to take the immortality arcane discovery. This is purely a flavor point.

* Rebuilding for this game would require losing a large chunk of skill points due to reduced Intelligence (from lower ability score totals) and no background skills.
* Will have to figure out if she was "around but in the background" during the earlier events of the campaign, or if her story needs to be rewritten to insert her into the team.

You can read about her former adventures here.

Liberty's Edge

Quick story update on the last few minutes

Leuric was a rebellious child, born to a noble family in Sandport, he took a liking to learning about people and things they did more than the family business. He was however forced to help out with it and eventually take over, but in doing so he learned a little bit about everything and eventually found a tien scholar to mentor him in the arcane arts from this scholar he learned of the Azlanti practice of sword binding. He took a liking and a knack for the style and eventually he went out on his own to continue the scholars work. He had left off right at the start of his research into the Thassilonian civilization so he went out into the ruins to find more about them.

Good luck, everyone!

Alright guys.

I was tempted to write a monologue here about this entire process. There have been a lot of good applications, and it did take a lot of effort to finally narrow it down to the top pick. But I know what you're here for... RESULTS!!

So it is my pleasure to welcome
Andreste Velleti by Reckless

Thank you all for your hard work. I really appreciate all the effort everyone went through for this recruitment. I wish you all good games in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for consideration, have a good one.

Have fun Reckless.

Have fun and good gaming.

Liberty's Edge

Have fun

Well done!


Congratulations! Enjoy the game, GM Fox is amazing!


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