Can a picaroon use grit as well as panache?

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I was browsing the rules on firearms to see if its qorth trying to use it and theres a property you can put on a gun to give you 1 grit/day or 3 grit/day. The Picaroon as a swashbuckler uses panache normally. So im wondering could they get this property and use the grit in place of panache for their abilities or would it be useless to them?

It works.

Grit and Panache wrote:

The gunslinger’s grit and the swashbuckler’s panache represent two paths to gain access to the same heroic pool. Characters with both grit and panache class features combine the two resources together into a larger pool of both grit points and panache points.

For purposes of feat prerequisites, a character with the panache class feature satisfies the prerequisites as if she were a grit user, and vice versa. Swashbuckler levels stack with gunslinger levels for the purpose of satisfying Signature Deed's level requirement. For feats, magic items, and other effects, a panache user can spend and gain panache points in place of grit points, and vice versa.

Mind you, the picaroon is problematic. You can't easily load a gun while wielding a weapon in the other hand, and using both hands is incompatible with precise strike too.

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Loading wont be an issue for what I'm considering as it'll be primarily one or the other not dual wielding and trying to reload one handed (Also avoids the issues of precise strike). So they'll use the gun at range then sheathe it and switch to a sword for melee (gloves of storing will store the gun as a free action and quickdraw will let me draw the sword as another). On top of which since Picaroons dont start with a gun by the time i do start incorporating one they'll be able to aquire a more expensive model like the pepperbox so they'd get a full attack volley before switching and then later theres the pistol of infinite sky. Not to mention options like beneficial bandolier, reloading hands and lightning volley. Does seem weird pucaroon doesnt have an exception on precise strike when their concept is gun and sword but such is life.

Anyway still deciding if i want to go with pucaroon and i needed to know about the extra grit/paniche option to help decide. Thanks for thr reply havent played one before so still figuring things out.

Something to note, it is possible to have a picaroon actually start with a firearm. The Signature Moves trait gives you one free masterwork item valued less than 900gp, some DMs will permit a non-masterwork firearm under that value. If your DM doesn’t allow it, then the Rich Parents trait is a good fallback, increasing your starting wealth to 900gp. There are 4 firearms that are under 900gp.

A buckler gun (750 gp), probably one of the best options for a picaroon who wants to still utilize precise shot as they would still have a free hand at that point. And you get a shield bonus to AC to boot.

A coat pistol (750 gp), tiny conceivable one shot pistol... not a great choice, but a fair option for a starting weapon.

A dagger pistol (740 gp), doubling as a melee weapon helps to counterbalance the fact that you will have a hard time reloading.

Or a sword cane pistol (775 gp), another excellent choice for a picaroon, infact this option can quite effectively replace your main hand rapier even as it qualifies as your one-handed piercing weapon even.

An enterprising picaroon might even take up both a buckler gun and a sword cane pistol in addition to any higher end firearm later on allowing them numerous options through which to shoot a foe at a distance while remaining poised and armed to fight in melee.

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Intersting thoughts there though I've decided against Picaroon as much as the idea of firing say a pepperbox into a zombie appeals to me for the look it also just doesn't work with the character concept I have in mind thematically. I just can't see them wielding a gun. Though I will keep in mind the way to doge the one hand free for precise damage.

There's an FAQ somewhere that addresses this. Don't quote me, but I believe it said that Luck, Grit, and Panache are all part of the same pool if the character has levels in classes that grant all 3, and each of the points can be used interchangeably.

Edit: found it

Grit, Luck, and Panache wrote:

Grit, Luck, and Panache

Grit, luck, and panache represent three different means by which heroes can gain access to the same heroic pool, using it to accomplish fantastic feats. For characters with a mix of grit, luck, and panache, they pool the three resources together into a combined pool. (Those who use panache and luck do not gain twice their Charisma bonus in their pool.) For feats, magic items, and other effects, a panache user can spend and gain luck points in place of grit or panache points, and vice versa.

A luck user does not count as a grit or panache user to satisfy feat prerequisites. Swashbuckler levels stack with gunslinger levels for the purpose of satisfying Signature Deed’s level requirement.

Picaroon is a dip class for the Bucaneer Gunslinger.

You start with Bucaneer Gunslinger, then dip 3 levels of Picaroon, and get back into Bucaneer until Sword and Pistol, then do whatever else sounds interesting or mechanically beneficial.

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