Swamps and bayous is Golarion

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Is there an area or a nation in Golarion modeled after real world Louisiana, with bayous and swamps?

Similar to what Souragne used to be in the Ravenloft setting.


There is an area in the River Kingdoms/Stolen Lands/Greenbelt called the Hooktongue Slough that is a putrid swamp, expansive bog, soggy sinkhole nightmare of an area.

No nation or anything there, ripe for the taking if you want actually want to deal with that mess.

Putrid? Soggy? My home this is!


I think the Shackles is a Caribbean-expy, there's likely swamps around there somewhere.

Ustalav seems to have a lot of swamps, and its city of Carrion Hill is in the middle of a swamp. But, Graidmere Swamp also in Ustalav has people called swampers, who may be more what you are looking for.

There is also the Tanglebriar south of Kyonin.

It's a giant wicked swamp, and home to your friendly neighborhood Demon Lord, Treerazer.

Silver Crusade

There's also the Mushfens in Varisia, although I think it has a more temperate climate than Louisiana.

Looking at a map of Golarion my bet would be on the Sodden Lands next to the Shackles.

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