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Hello, Customer Service Team!

I just attempted to purchase a PaizoCon badge and banquet ticket.

They did not show up in my cart when I attempted to view my cart to check out.

I then attempted to add another random item ("Fall of Plaguestone") to my cart and then add the tickets again. My cart said there were now five items in my cart, but when I tried to view my cart, there was only the one book.

I clicked "remove all", my cart showed no items.

I then tried to purchase the badge and banquet ticket again. My cart then showed it had 7 items, but when I tried to view the cart, there were no items.

Would you please take a look at my shopping cart? I would like to purchase a PaizoCon 2020 badge and banquet ticket.


Mike "Haladir" Ferdinando

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Okay... I just looked at my Order History, and it seems that I had purchased the PaizoCon tickets at the same time I'd purchased a subscription to the Pathfinder rulebook line back on 1/8/2020. That order (#11610727) is still listed as "Pending."

I had honestly forgotten that I'd purchased the tickets on that date.

I just looked at that order details, and it seems that it added my two additional attempts to buy tickets to the existing order, and is now showing that I ordered 3 badges and 3 banquet tickets.

Please cancel two each of the badges and banquet tickets: I only want one of each.

Thanks for looking into this!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi Haladir,

It looks like Sam was able to resolve this for you. If you are still seeing issues with your PaizoCon order, please let me know!

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