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More than anything, I consider myself a monster designer. If I have a piece of artwork that just looks strange, I'll just start making monster stats for it for fun. Yes, I am weird like that.

So the other day, I started making a bunch of cyclopses. I'm up to about a half dozen. I wrote some details about how they had empires long before humans showed up, about how their language is the foundation for the ancient dwarven and giant languages. It's been quite a bit of fun.

It is also a good start for a Monster Codex-like book. It is pretty much in that style since I did write the vampire and kobold entries in that book. Sure this could just be a one shot, but I am enjoying this and am thinking of doing more.

So let me ask you: is this something you are interested in, and if so what other monsters would you like to see in such a book? I want your opinions.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

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It depends on what I need at the moment. I find I don't use the Codexes as much now that I have Hero Lab maxed out. I think a collection of themed codexes would catch my eye. Drow in one. Giants in another. Treants in the next or something along those lins.

If I'm rushed for time, I like to be able to grab a book and open a page to ready-made stats.

I'd like to see a range of levels from low to mid to high. That way, anytime I need a drow NPC during a campaign, I know I can just grab a book or PDF and find something.

Suggested themes could bandits, outsiders, urban encounters, etc.

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I would like to see a region based monster codex. Monsters of the Swamp, Monsters of the Desert, Monsters of the Snow, and so on with variant monsters specific to those areas.

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Personally, I'd preffer something off the beaten path:

Not a whole compendium of complete monsters, but a bunch of spreadsheets with each monster category, and a few progression tables from 1HD to 20HD for all, in the first section. In the second section, a bunch of interesting monster abilities, and how they should scale with HD and ability score. In the third and last section, just a bunch of artwork. The artwork might have names, or maybe just codes, not sure. Names would probably be more practical.

Let the GM make his own combinations and quickly scale his desired monsters to the appropriate challenge level.

I don't like pulling existing monsters, because then experienced players recognize them, and it steals away a lot from the experience I'm trying to transmit (characters in a low-fantasy world that never met anything inhuman before, or just about). Such a tool would also greatly help with improv and dealing with the PCs going off the paths one had expected.

That's a good point. It's also why I like a new codex of monsters is because your players will not be familiar with them, because they're new. If I can justify the purchase by using a monster here and there over several different sessions, then I am happy.

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