A Series of Dice-Based Events: War for the Crown (book 1)


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Good news, everyone!

A while ago I had posted about the Series of Dice-Based Events adventure conversion project, and now I'm here to deliver some results.
While this is mostly my work, I have to thank several contributors, testers and reviewers who have helped me get to this. I hope this made the documents more readable, balanced, and enjoyable.

Download War for the Crown second edition conversion - book 1

This folder contains not only conversion of all the encounters, loot tables, subsystems and social mechanics of Crownfall, but also customised campaign backgrounds, heritages, and general subsystem rules that will be used in the following books, as well as campaign advice based on my own experience running the game.

While I have only book 1 formatted for the moment, I am currently working on the reformatting for books 2 and 4, and should be able to deliver completed conversions for those books much earlier - hopefully in time for groups to keep playing the adventure smoothly, if things go favourably.

More content from a Series of Dice Based Events will be coming soon, among which:

- Tyrant's Grasp adventure path
- Hell's Rebels adventure path
- Rise of the Runelords adventure path
- Crypt of Everflame module
- Mask of the Living God module
And many more :)

disclaimer - this is not a substitute product but only a mechanical conversion, you will require the original adventure path module in order to run it

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