Looking for rules on making 3rd party quests and scenarios

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I read the pathfinder compatibility section and maybe I missed it but what are the rules on making a quest for pathfinder.

Can I use places and people from the pathfinder world in my scenarios or do I have to make everything from scratch?

What is allowed for me to use that is pathfinder related aside from the compatibility logo and the font?

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

You should really consult with a lawyer, as that's going to be your safest bet when it comes to understanding what you can and cannot use under our various licenses.

That said, the Pathfinder Compatibility License allows you to publish material under the OGL and claim compatibility with Pathfinder, which you normally couldn't do under the OGL, since Pathfinder is a registered trademark of Paizo.

What you cannot do is use anything denoted as Product Identity in our books, as such content is not open under the terms of the OGL. That means you can't use "trademarks, registered trademarks, proper nouns (characters, deities, locations, etc., as well as all adjectives, names, titles, and descriptive terms derived from proper nouns), [...] artworks, characters, dialogue, locations, organizations, plots, storylines, and trade dress."

If you want to create non-commercial adventures set in the Pathfinder or Starfinder settings, using the above-listed material, you can do so (at least with some elements of Paizo's product identity) under the Community Use Policy. This would not allow you to sell your adventures or keep them behind any sort of paywall, but you could, for example, write an adventure that took place in Absalom and dealt with a cult of Urgathoa.

Again, I recommend you consult with an attorney for more clarity around what you can and can't do under the terms of the OGL, Pathfinder Compatibility License, and Community Use Policy.

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