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The game: The Winterlands (Night of the Frozen Wind); theme- the veil between worlds is thin; tone- surreal; genre- inuit myth plus epic/dark fantasy; duration- ~10 sessions, lvl5 to 10

The PC's: a halfling hunter and fisher of the Chun-Arriq tribe, grim and stoic; a halfling hunter and tracker of the Chun-Arriq tribe, the wise fool; aN exiled shaman of orc-blood of the Kuulyakon tribe, haunted and sly

The question: there will most likely be zero chances for characters to buy/sell/trade goods aside from basic mundane equipment, so I will be creating a variety of custom-made magic items for them to find along the way. will will be extremely flexible with wealth by Level and equating market price value (cutting costs on exponential price increases by up to 50%, ignoring premiums for multiple abilities on one item, etc).
What I'm looking for are some additional ideas for more items; things that would fit a story about animism and vision-quests, some things that benefit these specific characters and some that would be useful to anyone.
I don't need mechanics or prices (unless you really want to take a crack at it), just the basic concepts.

Here are some things I've got already:

Shadowhawk Spear: wound around the haft of this +1 blood-drinking spear are fetishes of subtlety, vengeance and cunning. When thrown into the air, the shadowhawk spear turns into a spirit hawk that seeks out the last target it wounded. Treat this ability as arcane eye, except that the hawk casts a shadow. The hawk turns back into a spear when called to return to its wielder.

Swiftstride Charm: this white stone, carved into the likeness of a hare, is worn on a twisted cord about the ankle. 1/day, the wearer may move 5 times her speed when charging or 10 times her speed when running. She is exhausted for one round after she uses this ability. In addition, she gains a +2 luck bonus on Will saves.

Surestride Charm: this bit of ivory, carved into the likeness of a hare, is worn on a twisted cord about the ankle. 1/day, the wearer may ignore the effects of difficult terrain caused by heavy snowfall and wooded areas for 1 minute. In addition, she gains a +2 luck bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Cup of the Good Hunt: by filling this yellowed and battered scrimshaw cup with the blood of a fresh kill, the user may speak with the spirit of the animal slain. Treat this effect as the divination spell. (1,350gp)

The Driftward: tanned and enchanted fox hide makes for fine protection. The Driftward functions as a masterwork chain shirt that grants a +1 deflection bonus to AC and the effects of the endure elements spell.

Blackbriar Pipe: when this long, twisted pipe is lit and smoked for 2 rounds, it creates a thick cloud of smoke as the spell Obscuring Mist in a 10ft radius. Each round spent after the second increases the radius by 10ft.
Once per day, when the smoke covers a radius of at least 50ft., the user may cast Hallucinatory Terrain (DC17). After this effect resolves, the smoke dissipates in one round.

Pyre Sling- this simple leather strap can launch small animal skulls as if they were lead sling bullets. When it does so, it is treated as a +1 flaming sling. The skulls burst upon impact and create a thick, numbing fog in a 5ft. radius as the Solid Fog spell that lasts for 1 round.

Crown of the Mountain King- fashioned from a ram's skull, this crude helm grants a +1 deflection bonus to AC, Cold Resistance 5 and allows the wearer to treat gore attacks as +1 weapons.

The Hungry Hatchet: taken from one of the bloodthirsty niapu, this +1 returning, vicious throwing axe is made from glittering steel, it's blade etched with the likeness of a gaping maw. Runes of power are carved into the smooth driftwood handle, and the weapon seems to thrum and shudder in the hand, as if eager to be loosed.

Cloak of the Great Wolf: this long cloak is fashioned from the thick pelt of a grey wolf. Treat the cloak of the great wolf as a masterwork chain shirt that also grants +1 natural armor, the Endurance feat and increases the wearer's base speed by 10ft.

Predator Charms: one pair of these twisted cords is studded with the claws of an ice bear, while the other sports the teeth of a great seal. The predator charms occupy the wrist and boot slots and grant a +2 circumstance bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks.

Scrimshaw Talisman: carved from the horn of a bull narwhal, the wearer of the scrimshaw talisman benefits from a continual Endure Elements effect and gains the ability to hold their breath for one minute per point of Constitution.

-ivory wheels of windwalking

-shadow scissors (sleight of hand, penalties to target, stackable bonuses for wielder)

-spirit whistle (summon spirit to answer questions or posess user)

-haunted dream-cloak (endure elements, turns into a tent for 3, bonuses to craft, heal and knowledge inside)

-bone-ward (construct that assists with certain skills, alarm, protection)

-aurora wisps (ioun stones)

-staff of the elk-king (caster level boost, spiked growth and entangle, but anywhere)

-howling shawl (meld with snow, burrow speed in snow, +5 stealth and cold resistance 5)

-spiteful ring (1/day, damages foe who brought wearer to negatives with melee attack)

-better ring of shooting stars (dancing lights at will, glitterdust 3/day, 1-3 scorching rays at will but 1 backlash fire damage for second ray, +1/ray after that [1 for 2nd ray, 2 for 3rd, 3 for 4th], resets each night)

-grow bag (1/day, produces a random useful item)

Level 6 increases wealth by 5,500gp. Level 7 by 7,000gp, level 8, 10,000, level 9 by 13,000 and level 10, 16,000.

Apologies, that was probably rather a lot all in one post. Let me rephrase:

I'm looking for custom magic items for a primitive Arctic story that features spirits/daemons/the fae for character levels 5-10.
Any ideas?

Black flask: turns one dose of poison stored within into two, at a rate of 100 gp value/day.

Angry spirit whistle: casts doom (or other fear spell to the GM's taste?), if used more than 3/day affects the blower as well.

Wind caller: a bullroarer which raises the wind level in a 100' radius by one level as long as it's swung (standard action, effectively concentration).

The unlimited use of the whistle with the drawback is exactly the kind of stuff I want, and the idea for the wind caller is just too awesome not to use. Thank you.

Maybe some sort of figurine of wondrous power...a flying sled pulled by a team of spirit wolf-eagles.

A longspear that gives a big bonus to combat maneuvers like bullrush and stand still.

Belt of Garuuk, the god-boar. Bonus to strength and con, immunity to hp bleed and doubled natural healing.

Windloss Mantle. Gaseous form as a move action. 1 minute to change back.

A few watery ideas.

Ice-hearts: a crystal which you can throw into snow, water, or on to ice to create a creature as per summon monster (with the boreal template in place of celestial or fiendish). Usable 1/day, but if it gets killed three times in a row it'll be hostile the next time you create it.

Loyal canoe: push it off into the water and it'll come back when you call, even if the shore you call from isn't connected to the one where you left it.

Living kelp net: self-repairing in water, even if it's ripped to pieces (as happens to nets used in a fight).

Fairy Mound: This deer leather pouch contains a strange white mold. When the pouch is fully opened and spread on the ground, the mold begins to spore. After a minute if there are any insubstantial and invisible creatures present the spores make it easier to see them. After 10 minutes those creatures are completely outlined in white spores so long as they remain within 10' of the bag. While they are still transparent, it is possible to see the creature well enough to identify fine details of appearance.

Dream Walker's Peyote: Up to 10 creatures can be affected by passing a pipe to smoke this peyote. After an hour of smoking the creatures will experience a shared dream. In the dream world spirits linked to the location they are at will communicate with the dreamers. The creatures typically have a neutral starting attitude to the dreamers, but depending on their relationship in life that could shift the starting attitude.

If the dreamers make a good impression on the creatures that join them, the creatures could help them. They might give a blessing (as per the spell bless, duration 72 hours), heal injuries, give the dreamers information, or even move them (as per teleportation, to the creatures chosen destination).

If the dreamer make a bad impression, the creatures could play tricks on them or even worse. They might gain the sicked condition for 72 hours, wake exhausted, be given a disease (automatically fail the first save), give them false information, or even move them (to a destination of the creature's choosing).

Thank you for the ideas. Some great material here, already.
I'm kind of surprised I haven't gotten responses from more people; I always thought this sort of creation was one of bigger draws of games like this.

A lot of people only do so for their own campaigns, and some of the rest now put their content up for sale somewhere or put it on Patreon. And then there's the notable decline in the amount of posters here since Paizo switched to PF2.

One second thought on ice-hearts - since trying to keep track of 3 deaths could be a pain, it might be better to just have it come back hostile after a gratuitous death (like when used to trigger traps, though that exactly might be rare in your Winterlands.)

I like either way.

And those are fair points. But...up for sale, you say? Do such things actually pay?

Look anything up on d20pfsrd and you'll get ads for people's products. No idea how much people are making there though.

I only know of one Patreon offhand - from Bardess's thread here she advertises her Patreon which has extremely limited success, but I expect there are others. Isabelle Lee has made noises about setting something up but not carried thru that I know of. Isabelle would likely be a lot more successful.

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