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So I’m planning a 7DS game that I want to keep as close to scource material but using PF rules. None of my players would be a Sin but defenders of the realsm. The lose idea is the Sins have vanished for real and the king will call the players to find/free them as they are needed to stop an apocalyptic event.

Just need help with a race/class set up. Here is what I am thinking:

Meliodas: Demon (type pending) Magus
Dianne: Giant Earth Kineticist
Baan: Human Monk VMC Rogue. With an undead template & regeneration/-
King: Fae (type pending)
Gowther: Doll psychic arcane archer
Merlin: Human Wizard (type pending)
Escanor: Human Kinetic Knight VMC Paladin (the whole burn system power boost fits with him)

Id also want to build the curse of the commandments but mechanically be scary but not broken.

-Meliodas is probably the hardest, because there’s no good mechanic for full counter in Pathfinder. And he’s good at everything.
-Diane might be a skald
-I’d probably use ninja for Ban
-King would probably be a telekineticist with air as secondary.
-Gowther could be a lot of things. I think I’d go with the mesmerist.
-Merlin is mostly an arcanist, but Infinity is so broken it has to be its own thing.
-Escanor feels like a bloodrager variant.

And of course the mythic rules really want to come into play here.

So while still running this game, I decided to change each Sin up. Some will be parody others with a major change with some calling:

1)Wrath (Leader): Drow LG (All noble feats) Ghost Rider VMC Paladin of Apsu with Broken Soul Template (His body is scarred with the sins of his past as he is now LG when he was CE.) He holds/guards an ancient evil secret in his head that makes him a target.

2)Envy: Giant earth kineticist VMC Barbarian.

3)Greed: Human CN(Custom Immortality template: Regeneration 20/- & Stop Aging) Vigilante . The legendary king of thieves. Steals for the thrill of the heist (based off Grey Fox from Oblivion as well). Rest of team is unaware of vigilante form as his social form (also a thief is what got him recruited. Social form a street rat (hides in plain sight)

4)Lust: Soulbound Mannequin N Mesmerist (thought stealer) or Psychic Arcane Archer (waiving Arcane for Psychic).

5)Gluttony: Assimar Half fiend Witch VMC Bard All damnation feats NE but appears Neutral to scans. Obsessed with knowledge and magical experimentations. Or teifling half celestial idea being a mix of good and evil outsiders.

6) Sloth: Halfling Fey CG creative template Kineticist (Wood/Telekinesis). The Prince (instead of King) banished from the first world for not defending it. Seeks redemption of his fey ancestors.

7) Pride: Human Kinetic Knight LG(All Fire); During Day time he assumes the Advanced template and at noon he gains it twice as well as fiery creature template.

Not sure how I feel about 3 kineticist on team but with Archtypes i can make them different enough I guess.

Escanor gets a lot bigger during the day too. You might consider adding the giant template instead of a second advanced template.

Very good point. Dianne would need to be huge then I think cause even at largest he isn’t as big as her

McDaygo wrote:
Very good point. Dianne would need to be huge then I think cause even at largest he isn’t as big as her

Depends on how close you want to be to the original. But yeah, I'd assume Diane is at least Huge size in Pathfinder terms. She's probably over 30 feet tall, and may even reach into the Gargantuan category. She's taller than a TRex, which is gargantuan, but in a tall human shape instead of the trex's elongated shape.

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