Hellknight Dedication Required Weapons


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The Hellknight Armiger dedication feat requires you to be trained in your orders favored weapon. I cannot find an official list of these weapons for 2E, at least not on Archives of Nethys. If they are the same as 1E then I have them here.

But what if the order lists multiple weapons? Are you required to be trained in all of them to choose the Hellknight Armiger feat, or is it enough to be trained in just one of them?

The specific example I have in question is in an attempt to make a sorcerer Hellknight Signifer of the Order of the Scourge. This order lists the heavy mace, scourge, and whip as it's favored weapons. Mace is easily done, as it's a simple weapon. But if the scourge and whip are also required, it becomes very difficult. I'm already spending general feats on armor proficiency (with no interest in Champion/Paladin dedication). If I have to pick up weapon proficiency too than I cannot enter the archetype until a very high level, and I'm not likely to use those weapons much making it quite the wasted feat.

The Orders are detailed in the Lost Omens Character Guide, BUT also list multiple favored weapons. Until we hear otherwise, I personally feel like being trained in one weapon is perfectly fine. Table variance is definitely a thing, though.

The hellknight order weapons are on AoN and in Lost Omens Character Guide. If order has multiple weapons then you only need training in one to quafily for it.

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