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What are the options for retraining in Starfinder Society, and how available are they?

Where is this information located?

With the recent release of a *lot* of AR that will be helpful to characters I have that are past the L2 'blob' stage, there's a hope of adjusting to some of the new AR.

Thank you for your time!

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The mnomotic editor is the only way to do so in SFS. It can't go back more than one level. It was clarified that you can't chain them together to go back further.

A more robust retraining system would be nice for characters.

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Mnemonic Editor wrote:
If you use a mnemonic editor, you can undo 2 character levels’ worth of decisions about which class levels you took, which feats you selected, how you applied any level-based increases to ability scores, how you assigned new skill ranks, and so on. All decisions you made as a result of advancing over the previous 2 character levels you gained are undone. You then make new selections, including new class levels, feats, skills, and the like, as if you had regained the 2 missing character levels.

For times like these, when hardcover books or major rules changed are released/sanctioned, it would be nice to be able to adjust more than 2 levels at once, though.

Normally, because the Mk 1 editor is a level 5 item, your character would have to be level 4 (with no infamy) in order to utilize it. However, the Starfinder RPG Guild Guide's "Basic Purchasing Plan" boon allows access to PCs with "Tier 0" reputation, so effectively* any time.

* unless a rule/clarification is added to a future version the guide stating that access to the mnemonic editor via fame does not change the level requirements, in which case please ignore this entire sentence.

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Even then, you can only use it once per model.

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A more extensive retraining/rebuilding option would be very welcome.

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I was just hoping to retrain an ability point and found this thread. The SFS retraining options are woefully inadequate.

You can really only retrain the levels you just added? 99% of the time, that will never be necessary. The retraining that PCs need is to be able to retrain something older when they realize they have made a longer-term error that affects them down the road (that wasn't readily apparent at the time). I have to wait another 2 levels to be able to do what I wanted to do.

The mnemonic editor appears to be a "mostly harmless" (or useless) item.

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