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I'll be using a level 11 witch for this.

Take spell hex at 11th level to get hex vulnerability three times a day. You can then use the healing or greater healing hexes every round for 11 rounds for an average of 209 (or 269.5 for greater healing). You can do this three times a day. If you delay choosing your 9th level feat until level 10 and take split hex, you effectively double the effect.

My questions are whether you would allow this at your table and whether I missed something that would stop this from working.

Sovereign Court

Hex Vulnerability says "Harmful Hexes". Presumably you are not using Healing Hex against undead in this example but instead using it to heal allies.

In general yes, I would allow it. Witches I think have access to the heal spell that can heal 150 in one cast. Sounds like a fair number of resources for a more flavorful ability.

The harmful hexes bit was added precisely because someone at Paizo was offended by using hex vulnerability against its intended use. If someone in your group would be likewise offended, expect them to insist on the errataed ban.

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