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I tried to do this before, but never completed it. I want to make a Pathfinder version of Spider-Man. I want to try to get the webswinging and wall crawling. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take at least one level of Monk to get Improved Unarmed Strike, but I'm not sure how to get the rest. I know I'll probably have to use items for some of it, but I don't know what kind of items to get. And I don't think there's a way to get his spider sense so I'm not going to bother too much with that.

Anyone have any thoughts?

It depends a lot on what character level you want to be when you've got your full Spidey online. The no-brainer version is wildsoul (arachnid) vigilante but it takes until 12th level at least. On the other hand synthesist summoner can have webs, climb speed and a slam attack by level 7. Or a wizard can have the transmutation/shapechange school power for a slam, the handy grapnel spell and the spider climb spell (and maybe web &/or web bolt) by level 3.

Spider sense is basically perception and initiative maxed to the skies, right? A wildsoul vigilante gets stalker sense at L2 but I'm not sure it's necessary. A wizard or other character with access to that spell list can learn and cast heightened awareness.

stalker sense:
The vigilante has a sense for danger. He always acts on the surprise round. At 6th level, he gains uncanny dodge, and at 12th level, he gains improved uncanny dodge. Only a stalker can select this talent.

I would like it to be just a little faster than Vigilante if I can. 3 levels of wizard for web bolt doesn't sound too bad.

Web bolt is a 1st level spell. Spider climb and web are 2nd, handy grapnel and heightened awareness are 1st. It doesn't have to be a wizard of course, that's just the fastest way of getting those spells and at 3rd level a single slam attack from that school ability is still an effective punch. Sorcerers, eldritch scoundrel rogues, and warlock vigilantes cast from the same spell list.

Warlock vigilante?

Yes, a vigilante with the warlock archetype casts from the sorc/wiz spell list. They could be better at punching than a wizard too come to think of it.

I'll take a look at it. They're probably better at getting hit too, what with a bigger HD and all.

The bigger HD is an average of 1 extra HP/level, not a big deal. They can wear light armor though (compatible with brawler or sohei monk). Mage armor is nice but number of spell slots could be a big problem at lower levels.

Some relevant vigilante talents might be take 'em alive and lethal grace. Spidey could use some social talents too.

The Arachnid Wildsoul Vigilante seems to be the most Spider-Man-like option. However, Considering the gadgetry that Peter also has, you could invest in skill points in Use Magic Device and have wands with spells such as Web Bolt, Web and others.

Pretty sure there's a gauntlet that allows you to store wands into it ;)

A divination wizard with good dexterity could do most of it.

The biggest problem with Wildsoul Vigilante is that it's really slow. It doesn't get web swinging until level 18. As mentioned, shooting webs with a spell would be faster. But that won't really help with movement.

Web Swinging feels weird in a fantasy setting anyway. Not a lot of tall buildings to swing from. And most dungeon ceilings aren't over 10 feet high. And for most versions of Spider-Man, the webs are closer to magic items.

Try [url =]spider sacs[/url] or else the handy grapnel spell and a wrist launcher for web-swinging. Level 12+ is far too long to wait.

Looks like a decent spell. And the item could be useful too. You know, a quick dip into Alchemist would be pretty good flavor wise. Peter is a scientist and makes most of his equipment himself in the comics.

The main things you'd get from an alchemist dip are weak bombs, a mutagen and a few 1st level extracts. Making Spiderman with alchemist as the main class could work but I'm not sure about the dip.

Which is why I said flavor wise and not mechanically.

There's a Rogue archetype that lets you change direction during a charge while swinging from ropes. Is that worth dipping into?

Heather 540 wrote:
There's a Rogue archetype that lets you change direction during a charge while swinging from ropes. Is that worth dipping into?

It stacks with the Scout archetype, too... maybe Sap Adept/Master?

To represent his webs restraining people, maybe some Order of the Pentinent Cavalier for Expert Captor.

Scout needs 4 levels before getting anything from the archetype, and as for Sap Master, I don't plan on a non-lethal build. At least not in terms of dealing damage. As for the Cavalier, the order doesn't seem to bad. Don't need a mount at all though, so I'll look at some archetypes that trade it out.

I think Spider-Man is more about entangling and disabling opponents than about grappling them, at least not in the usual way we think of grappling. Unless you use Elephant in the Room Feat rules, you won't be able to perform that many maneuvers effectively. I would stick to Dirty Tricks and maybe grapple or trip as a secondary maneuver.

I know a lot of people think that Spidey should never be surprised but when you look at his spider senses, they don't always allow him to avoid ambushes. In fact sometimes the senses tingles just a second befor he gets hit. IMO, the spidey senses can easily be emulated with a very high Perception skill bonus and Uncanny Dodge. The swashbucklers dodging panache could also work to emulate Spidey's senses guiding him out of harm's way. The Okayo Corsair archetype can use panache and is proficient with the monk weapon group, which includes unarmed strike.

Just some ideas to help you brainstorm on how to tackle this elusive character.

Never heard of that archetype before. I'll look at it.

When making my characters, I use the assumption of not having any free feats. It's easier to adjust them if I do get a free feat when playing then it is to take a needed feat away.

The Okayo Corsair Swashbuckler doesn't seem too bad. Though it did bring up a question about stat spread. Specifically strength and dex. Spider-Man has enhanced strength and agility, but what do I do for the Pathfinder version? Having both stats high is pretty tough, could I make it work with point buy? Do I go dex based and put Agile on an Amulet of Mighty Fists?

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