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What would happen if I chose to do a Lingering Composition (inspire courage) while being Invisible, would then making a 5ft step do anything to hide my position at the end of my turn? I would think since its lingering I'm going to be singing continuously thus giving away my location? Or how does this work?

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This is not necessarily based on the rules, but I interpret "lingering" composition as the "music" continuing after you stop performing. Like reverb with a guitar through an amp or as an echo. That is how I justify that you can use a lingering composition as well as speak/cast another spell etc... So the "effect" of the spell wouldn't follow you if you moved away.

But it is important to note that you would actually have to use Sneak to become undetected after casting the cantrip, not a 5 foot step. At least as far as I know the only way to become "undetected" again after being reduced to "hidden" while invisible is Sneak.

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Anyone else have an opinion on this?

I'm not clear that playing a composition would give away your position to begin with.
It might alert an otherwise unaware opponent that you exist, thereby prompting them to Seek you out, but if they don't you should remain Undetected,just not Unnoticed.

Is that right? I mean ya I think they may have a generally idea which direction the sound is coming from, but ya I agree singing from a particular square while being invisible likely isn't going to give away precisely the location.

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I believe you would be "Undetected" even if you sing unless they do a "Seek" action. If vision is their only precise sense than the most you could become from the "seek" action would be "hidden"...so they know your space but you still have a mischance.

I think this correct but I am still working through the perception/hiding/invisibility rules.

There is a lot to unpack in the Stealth rules and it just gets muddier when Invisibility gets put in the mix.

I believe the idea that a creature would need to use a Seek action in the first place to make you "Hidden" rather than "Undetected" is correct. Unless of course the creature specifically has hearing as a Precise sense, in which case I would think that the creature would actually just be observing you at that point.

But this brings up the question, what about that lingering composition? It is clear that the "buff" of a lingering composition would follow the caster, but I feel like the "sound" would be centered around the initial square you started the composition spell from. But that is honestly just my feeling on the matter and not based at all in the rules.


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I am thinking it is like any other spell effect and would stay with the target it is cast on. I know there is no target listed in the spell but that makes it caster only, so it is the Bard.

Reading Spells page 306 wrote:

"Range, Area, and Targets This entry lists the range of the spell,
the area it affects, and the targets it can affect, if any. If none
of these entries are present, the spell affects only the caster."

My thoughts and how I would rule it :)

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