Starfinder Comes To Alexa


So I found this.. I also found it surprising that Starfinder was outselling Pathfinder 2e.

I'm not surprised, Starfinder is pretty sweet.

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BoLS wrote:
That’s right folks, the hit sci-fantasy RPG, Starfinder, which is still out-performing Pathfinder 2nd, at least until the next batch of numbers comes in...

The bold part is critical. If SF is outselling PF2 for the 4th quarter of 2019 that's likely a big problem.

Think of it like a movie release, if the new release can't topple last week's #1 then they've either opened against a juggernaut (and hey! 2nd place to a juggernaut can still be a metric #### ton of box office $$$) or... they... aren't that good, and I haven't heard that SF is juggernaut.

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