Crafting: Or how I learned to love the cauldron

Witch Playtest


You can brew a great deal of magic within your cauldron.

When you Craft potions that normally have a batch size of
four (like most potions), your batch size increases from four
to six.

Great, crafting potions costs 50% more up front in order to save an effective 2 days (crafting 12 potions requires 12+ days without the feat and 8+ with; 4 days divided by 2 sessions equals 2 days saved). A level 1 character only has 150 silver to start with, and if a witch spends 120 of it on raw materials she can craft six healing potions (but has to spend 60 days crafting).

That is functionally useless for a 1st level feat. What are my other options?

"Speak with your familiar (and other animals like it)"
"A different familiar"
"Counter spell"

Oh, those are just as useless.

Thanks, I hate it.

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