Constructed Pugilist and magic weapon abilities


Hello, I'm Nash O'Dalthir and i need some advice for the Constructed Pugilist (Brawler Archetype)

I've asking to 2 DM after rules to enchant my Constructed Limb with the magical ability "Impact"

The 2 DM's answer wrote:
"You can't put Impact magical abilitie on because your limb is a light melee weapon."

But i seen 2 threads where some members put Impact on the Constructed Limb :

=> Constructed Pugilist & Size Effect
=> Ballpark figure for Ennemy HP

So i need a official and complete advice : Can we put the Impact magical Ability on a Constructed Limb ? Yes / No ? + RAW/RAI ? + Explanation.

Thank you for you experiment.

Ps : Sorry, i hope this is understanding, because i don't speak english several time.

Shadow Lodge

Constructed Pugilist wrote:
She treats the limb as a light weapon and is proficient with it.
Impact wrote:
This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons that are not light weapons.

Your GM is correct.

Yes... and that why i'm asking for more advices because wording sentence is unclear

Constructed Limb (Ex) wrote:

She treats the limb as a light weapon and is proficient with it.

I'm agree with this, RULE AS WRITTEN, ....But in the same Ability

Constructed Limb (Ex) wrote:
For the purpose of rebuilding the limb as a masterwork weapon, rebuilding the limb out of a special material, or adding certain magical special abilities to it, the limb counts as a one-handed melee weapon

So if we follow the sentence Count as a one-handed melee is clearly different than Count as a light melee weapon. Right ?

So which purpose has the highest priority between treat and count ?

If these 2 purposes have same priority so a Constructed Limb is a Light Melee Weapon AND a One-Handed Melee Weapon no ?

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