Arcane Trickster feat suggestions


Ok so I know my build isn't optimized but it is what it is. What I need is some feat ideas for my character. I'm not really sure where to go with him at this point.


Race: Dwarf

Class: Unchained Rogue 2/ Wizard 3 (divination foresight) / Arcane Trickster 1

str: 9
dex: 20
Con: 12
Int: 18
Wis: 12
Cha: 6

Feats: Accomplished sneak attacker, Arcane Armor Training, Exotic weapon pro (Elven branch spear).

rogue Talents: Surprise attacks

I'll be lvl7 soon and I'm not sure what to take next. My role is scout, buff wizard and trap monkey. ATM I only do 2d6 sneak attack damage but at lvl7 I'll do 3d6. I usually get a surprise round on enemies and when they get one on me I still get to go and even if I loose initiative ( I have a +8 initiative atm) then surprise attacks talent lets me deal sneak attack damage anyways usually via acid splash cantrip. Anyways I'm rambling. Should I just go ray specialist with my feats? I'm also considering picking up craft wondrous items but we are doing a module and after book 2 or 3 pathfinder modules don't always give you much down time. Thanks in advance!

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