Reading Cuthulu like language.


So in our campaign we came accross outsiders from the far realm. In there cave we found spell books written in a language that makes you go insane if you read it. Well I got a humunculus with comprehend language and found out its spells. We want to put the spells in to a form we could use. Everytime the homunculus reads the pages though it gets a new tick so now he is scared of water has a lisp speaks in hypotheticals and has to draw anyone new he meets. So im trying to see if anyone has ideas on how to turn this language into a language magically that we can use and not go insane. Any ideas or items spells let me know. Im also curious how creative people can be so any crazy ideas would be awsome too.

That could be anywhere from simple to impossible, depending on any number of specifics--the nature of the language, whether the books can be translated into a "safer" language without losing meaning, and how diabolical the GM is feeling on a given day. There are Things Not Meant to Be Known, and sometimes there is no loophole through which one can avoid paying the price for such knowledge.

If you want more reliable information, I'd suggest using divination school spells such as divination, commune or contact other plane to hone in on something, though even that has its dangers when stuff from the Far Realm is involved.

Basically the GM is free to be evil to you if you try anything here. The closest to a solution I could think of was to be horribly evil yourself; enslave a wizard, make them read and translate a spell or two, kill them and harvest their spellbook. Repeat.

Not sure what level your party is, but Heal cures insanity.

The Cthulhu Mythos book for Pathfinder has a great essay on Aklo. Part of the problem with trying to translate it to something more normal, is that it's not entierly a verbal language and many concepts are difficult to pass on without some level of telepathy. Of course opening your mind up to telepathy is only going to make it easier to go insane.

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